Eyeliner Price in Pakistan - Latest Aug, 2022 Prices

The Lowest price of Eyeliner in Pakistan is Rs. 28, and estimated average price is Rs. 35. Get the latest price for Glamorous Face, Pack Of, Eye Liner, Water Proof, 36 Hours, Lipstick Kajal, Sweet Touch, 36h Liquid, Aqua Cake, and other products.
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If you’re looking to make your eyes look bigger or even smaller, if you want a defined pair of eyes that stand out on your face independently then it’s time you add an eyeliner to your makeup kit. An eyeliner is a piece of cosmetics which can be used under the lashes, above them, or both in order to give an enhanced effect to your eyes. There are different types of eyeliners available on the market, with a liquid eyeliner being the most common one, mainly used to recreate the infamous winged eyeliner shape. However, it’s also available as a powder based pencil, wax-based eyeliner pencils, Gel eyeliner and Kohl which is a soft powder in the form of pencils, loose powder and pressed powder as well.

Eyeliner Price in Pakistan - Latest Prices

Mini Kajal Rs. 120
36 H Eyeliner Rs. 80
Pencil Eyeliner Rs. 39
Matte Cake Liner Rs. 149
Mr Under Eye Maker Rs. 190
Lipstick Kajal Blue Rs. 103
Lipstick Kajal Brown Rs. 110
Lipstick Kajal Green Rs. 104
R07 - Eyeliner Brush Rs. 145
Lipstick Kajal Black Rs. 110
Lip & Eye Liner Brush Rs. 99

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