Face Cleanser Price in Pakistan - Latest Dec, 2023 Prices

The Lowest price of Face Cleanser in Pakistan is Rs. 100, and estimated average price is Rs. 111. Get the latest price for Mec Whitening, Arena Gold, Face Fresh, Glamorous Face, Bioaqua H2o, Dr.rashel Makeup, Derma Clean, Pack Of, Dr Rashel, and other products.
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If you’re looking to remove makeup, oils, dirt and bacteria off your face efficiently, then a face cleanser is the way to go. Facial cleansers are essentially made for the betterment of your skin. They have lower pH which matches the natural pH level of your skin which is around 4.7. A typical Face cleanser will unclog the pores in your skin and this in turn allows you to prevent skin problems such as acne. Facial cleansers are made for all types of skins out there, but there are those which are specifically manufactured for different types of skins as well. Someone with oily skin will use an Active Cleanser, whereas someone with sensitive skin should opt for facial cleansers well balanced in terms of pH and suit their skin accordingly. Each facial cleanser can be different in terms of their ingredients, and those looking to be specific should opt for the cleanser best suited to their condition and skin type.

Face Cleanser Price in Pakistan - Latest Prices

Yusma Face Wash (60ml) Rs. 190
Dermacos Face Cleanser Rs. 769
Gimix Men Icy Lemon Face Wash Rs. 335
Silicone Bubbler Face Cleanser Rs. 200
Dr Derma Face Cleanser 300 Ml. Rs. 695
Face Fresh Gold Face Wash (60ml) Rs. 171
Face Fresh Cleanser Soap (100ml) Rs. 108
Face Fresh Gold Plus Beauty Soap Rs. 108
Dr Rashel Skin Face Fade Cleanser Rs. 820
Pack Of 3 Mec Whitening Face Wash Rs. 996
Face Fresh Beauty Face Wash (75ml) Rs. 220

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