Food Steamer Price in Pakistan - Latest Jun, 2021 Prices

The Lowest price of Food Steamer in Pakistan is Rs. 3,199, and estimated average price is Rs. 7,695. Get the latest price for Black, Philips Food, Sinbo Food, Black Amp, Braun Food, Braun Tribute, Sinbo Egg, Philips Pure, Philips Hd914091, and other products.
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A food steamer, also known as a steam cooker, is a portable but handy kitchen appliance that can be used to prepare or even cook various food items. The food steamer works on the simple principle of providing steam heat to the food held inside a closed container. The closed vessel of a food steamer ensures that steam does not escape from the appliance. A food steamer is used to facilitate a cooking process known as steaming and it is a healthier way to cook food than frying or grilling. If you are on a diet or a health enthusiast then the food steamer is the right kitchen appliance to have. There are several brands that sell food steamer in Pakistan but if you are looking for popular names then you should consider the food steamer variety available from Beurer, Sinbo, Nikai, Russel Hobbs, and Black and Decker.

Food Steamer Price in Pakistan - Latest Prices

Sinbo Egg Boiled SEB-5803 Rs. 3,199
Sinbo Food Steamer SFS-5705 Rs. 8,639
Braun Food Steamer (FS-5100) Rs. 14,799
Philips Food Steamer HD9125/00 Rs. 13,699
Philips Food Steamer HD9140/91 Rs. 18,899
Philips Food Steamer (HD9104/00) Rs. 13,999
Philips Food Steamer (HD9125/00) Rs. 15,499
Black & Decker Food Steamer HS6000 Rs. 10,900
Daily Collection Steamer HD9125/00 Rs. 15,899
Black & Decker HS6000 Food Steamer Rs. 12,290
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