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The Lowest price of Front Load Washing Machine in Pakistan is Rs. 37,999, and estimated average price is Rs. 41,583. Get the latest price for Samsung Front, Lg 8, Bosch Serie, Samsung -, Lg Front, Super Asia, Samsung Washing, Haier 8kg, Lg 8kg, and other products. The prices are collected from the best online stores in Pakistan like Symbios,, - updated Dec 2018.

In a country like Pakistan, top load washing machines, or traditional washing machines have dominated households for as long as we can remember. But things are changing as people have decided to have a positive approach towards other options. Instead of typical washing machines, investing in a front load washing machine is much more efficient, and we’re not just talking in terms of design. A front load washing machine, much like the name suggests, moves the holding compartment of your clothing to the front rather than at the top. But why get one? Well, a front load washing machine carries with it a larger capacity to wash more clothes in a single go. So instead of having 2-3 washes per laundry session, you now require only one. They also tend to damage your clothes less due to the absence of a central agitator which catches stray threads and can damage your clothes during the washing cycle. Instead, the front load machine uses the gravity-aided tumble wash which allows for your clothes to not get tangled up even if they have extra threads sticking out. It doesn’t stop there. The front load machines can save water and energy, at the same time! The machine uses about 1/3 of the water compared to a traditional machine. And since you’re using lesser water and lesser detergent, you’re bound to save money every single time you decide to do laundry. The fully automated machines guarantee a peace of mind for the user as well. You can just click on the setting you want, thanks to LED displays and sit back and relax while the machine does the laundry for you. With the spin RPM of up to 1400, the front load washing machine not only does the washing for you, but also does it relatively quicker, making your laundry day short and efficient.

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