Fully Automatic Washing Machine Price in Pakistan - Latest Jun, 2022 Prices

The Lowest price of Fully Automatic Washing Machine in Pakistan is Rs. 21,060, and estimated average price is Rs. 34,226. Get the latest price for Haier Top, Haier Hwm, Dawlance Top, Haier -, Dawlance Dwt, Dawlance Fully, Samsung Fully, Boss Top, Boss Fully, and other products.
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A fully automatic washing machine differs from semi automatic and manual washing machines in such that these are capable of handling the entire wash cycle through the press of a single button. These fully automatic washing machine have features such as an automated drying system, auto-restart, water-saving cycles, and inverters to handle the entire cloth washing process for you while saving energy and effort at the same time. The leading manufacturers of fully automatic washing machine in Pakistan include EcoStar, Super Asia, Haier, and Dawlance.

Fully Automatic Washing Machine Price in Pakistan - Latest Prices

Fully Automatic 8200-W Washing Machine 8.5Kg Rs. 45,500
Fully Automatic 8200-B Washing Machine 8.5Kg Rs. 43,500
Fully Automatic 9200-Bs-B Washing Machine 9.5Kg Rs. 43,500
Fully Automatic 9200-Bs-W Washing Machine 9.5Kg Rs. 45,500
Boss Fully KE-AWM-9200 Automatic Washing Machine Rs. 48,500
PEL PAWM 900 Fully Automatic 9KG Washing Machine Rs. 45,499
Boss KE-AWM-8200 Fully Automatic Washing Machine Rs. 44,900
Dawlance DW 150C Fully Automatic Washing Machine Rs. 69,500
Haier Fully Automatic Washing Machine HWM 85-1708 Rs. 45,500
Dawlance DWT 235TB Fully Automatic Washing Machine Rs. 48,290
Haier HWM 150-1708 Fully Automatic Washing Machine Rs. 71,999

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