Insect Killer Price in Pakistan - Latest Jun, 2023 Prices

The Lowest price of Insect Killer in Pakistan is Rs. 5,000, and estimated average price is Rs. 5,975. Get the latest price for West Point, Westpoint Insect, Insect Killer, E-lite Super, Anex Insect, Sogo Insect, Anex Ag-1086, Anex Ag-1087, West Pointinsect, and other products.
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Insect Killer Price in Pakistan - Latest Prices

Insect Killer Rs. 8,500
WF-7115 Insect Killer Rs. 10,292
Sogo JPN-110 Insect Killer Rs. 5,000
SOGO Insect Killer JPN-130 Rs. 7,849
SOGO Insect Killer JPN-150 Rs. 7,739
Anex Insect Killer TS-1089 Rs. 11,900
SOGO Insect Killer JPN-135 Rs. 8,500
Anex AG 3086 Insect Killer Rs. 7,199
Sinbo Insect Killer SIK-40 Rs. 12,850
SOGO Insect Killer JPN-145 Rs. 6,469
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