Instant Gas Geyser Price in Pakistan - Latest Jun, 2024 Prices

The Lowest price of Instant Gas Geyser in Pakistan is Rs. 15,299, and estimated average price is Rs. 16,473. Get the latest price for Super Asia, Gas Instant, Nasgas Instant, Canon Instant, Hanco 7, Japanese 10l, Gaba National, Marvel Instant, Nasgas Gas, and other products.
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Geysers happen to be an important purchase for any home in Pakistan. This is even more relevant these days since the weather can get harsh at times during the winter. With how quickly the weather changes these days, it’s important to stay prepared.

Not too recently, geysers were expensive and difficult to maintain. However, the most annoying part was how long you had to wait for the water to heat up. To be fair, cost still hasn’t gone down too much. But, instant gas geysers have become increasingly popular for their ease of use.

They don’t hold any water internally. Instead, they instantly transform cold water into hot water by the use of gas or electricity. Water gets heated as it passes through. No wonder they are so popular, we live in a world of convenience after all.

Nasgas Geysers
We’re quite confident that Pakistanis have heard the name Nasgas at least once in the lives. It’s a household name at this point. You’ve probably seen their logos stamped on many ovens and other home appliances across the nation. They’ve been at it since 1952, which is quite the feat.

Their focus is on making durable, high quality, and good looking home appliances for the people. They know their audience. They have a different range of colors and designs to pick from. Apart from that, they also have good customer service.

Their lineup of instant gas geysers is arguably the best available. They have a lot of options to pick from. These can range all the way from a 7L model to a massive 35-gallon model.

Canon Geysers
You can’t talk about geysers and not mention the name Canon at least once. A lot of home appliance companies sprinkle in useless features. Most of these have very little practical value but drives the cost up a lot. Trust us, all of those marketing terms don’t mean much if a geyser is difficult to use.

Canon geysers focus on one thing: Quality. Everything about these geysers is top-notch. Canon is one of the best when it comes to instant gas geysers. They even have good customer support. Their designs are simple, yet effective. These geysers can heat up the water quite quickly as well.

Indus Geysers
Indus isn’t as big as the other brands we mentioned here. However, the focus on the price/performance aspect heavily. That is exactly why they are started to gain some attention in the world of the best instant gas geysers.

As we just said, Indus Geysers are entirely focused on the value proposition. Their 6 Litre model happens to be one of the more popular ones. The design is out of your way, it has an output of 12KW, and the insulation is excellent. Overall they are one of the best geyser brands available when it comes to value and budget.

Instant Gas Geyser Price in Pakistan - Latest Prices

Instant Gas Geyser Rs. 18,200
Gas Instant Water Heater / Gas Geyser Rs. 26,200
Rays Instant Gas Geyser 6 Liters 6L-SS Rs. 19,500
Rays 8 Liters Instant Gas Geyser 8L PB Rs. 27,000
Super Asia 6lt Instant Gas Geyser GH-506 Rs. 21,000
Nasgas Gas Instant Geyser DG-08L Crystal Rs. 30,000
Nasgas DG-06L Crystal Instant Gas Geyser Rs. 20,270
Atlas Instant Gas + LPG Geyser 8-10 Liters Rs. 36,000
NasGas Instant Gas Geyser 10 Litre (DG-10L) Rs. 31,500
NasGas DG-9L Instant Gas Water Heater Geyser Rs. 29,000
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