Multicolor Sindhi Ajrak Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Multicolor Sindhi Ajrak in Pakistan is Rs. 199, and estimated average price is Rs. 235. Get the latest price for Hafsa Fashion, Multicolor, Multicolor Sindhi, Multicolor -sindhi, and other products. The prices are collected from the best online stores in Pakistan like - updated May 2020.

A multicolor Sindhi ajrak is a traditional design that features unique blockprinted tiles and patterns in vibrant red, black, and white colors. The design of a multicolor Sindhi ajrak can be found in shawls and shirt pieces for men and women in Pakistan. You can find a wide variety of multicolor Sindhi ajrak products available in Pakistan that are ideal for festivals such as Sindh day.

Multicolor Sindhi Ajrak May 2020 Rate List - Summary

Multicolor Sindhi Ajrak Rs. 220
Multicolor Sindhi Ajrak Rs. 199
Multicolor Sindhi Ajrak-BL Rs. 220
Multicolor Sindhi Ajrak-B1 Rs. 299
Multicolor Sindhi Ajrak -MB Rs. 275
Multicolor -Sindhi Cotton Ajrak Rs. 249
Hafsa Fashion Multicolor Color Sindhi Ajrak Shawls Rs. 275
Hafsa Fashion Multicolor Color Sindhi Ajrak Shawls HF-033 Rs. 295
Hafsa Fashion Multicolor Color Sindhi Ajrak Shawls HF-031 Rs. 295
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