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The Lowest price of Pashmina Shawl in Pakistan is Rs. 1,415, and estimated average price is Rs. 1,445. Get the latest price for Sanaulla Exclusive, Pashmina Hand, Oletto -, Fawn Embroidered, Subkuch Silk, Fashioniestore Womans, Premium Quality, Multi Stylish, Beige Embroidered, and other products. The prices are collected from the best online stores in Pakistan like,, SanaullaStor - updated Feb 2019.

Pashmina can be described as a fine and exquisite type of wool that has its origins from Kashmir – it is often referred to as Kashmiri Pashmina as well. The name Pashmina in Pashmina shawl comes from the Persian word which means ‘made from wool’ but in literal Kashmiri, the term means ‘soft gold’. Indeed Pashmina is a beautiful and eye-catching fabric that is hand spun and is woven in Nepal and Kashmir. The excellent quality, superb colors, and innovative designs are what set Pashmina shawl apart from all other kinds of shawl. You can find a wide variety of Pashmina shawl in Pakistan but it is worth mentioning here that these Pashmina shawl are best suited for cold weathers because of their thick covering – you cannot wear them during the summers! You can find Pashmina shawl from a variety of online stores in Pakistan but if you are looking for the most popular options then you should consider the Pashmina shawl varieties that are available at Misbah’s Style, Actral, Friends In Co, and Narmo Gudaz which are suitable for both men and women.

No matter if you are looking for Pashmina Shawl (S32), Oletto - Pashmina Shawl 04, Multi Stylish Pashmina Shawl, Cutwork Pashmina Shawl (S31), Printed Pashmina Shawl GB 6 5993, Indian Embroidered Pashmina Shawl, Shawl For Women - Cream - Pashmina, or Oletto - Pashmina Shawl MultiHead 07. We always show you the best prices for Pashmina Shawl.

Pashmina Shawl (S32) Rs. 4,199
Oletto - Pashmina Shawl 04 Rs. 2,000
Multi Stylish Pashmina Shawl Rs. 1,499
Cutwork Pashmina Shawl (S31) Rs. 4,099
Printed Pashmina Shawl GB 6 5993 Rs. 5,100
Indian Embroidered Pashmina Shawl Rs. 3,999
Shawl For Women - Cream - Pashmina Rs. 2,500
Oletto - Pashmina Shawl MultiHead 07 Rs. 4,500
Oletto - Pashmina Shawl Embroidery 05 Rs. 2,000
Oletto - Pashmina Shawl Embroidery 06 Rs. 2,499
Net Border Pashmina Shawl - Female Shawl Rs. 2,200
Zar Kawa Cutwork Pashmina Shawl For Women Rs. 4,099
New Arrival Pashmina Shawl - Women Fashion Rs. 2,550
Silk Pashmina Shawls For Amazing Women -Wool Rs. 3,500
SubKuch Silk Pashmina Shawl For Women (0212) Rs. 1,800
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