Philips Blender Price in Pakistan - Latest Oct, 2021 Prices

The Lowest price of Philips Blender in Pakistan is Rs. 5,984, and estimated average price is Rs. 6,100. Get the latest price for Philips Blender, Philips Daily, Philips Hand, Philips Viva, Philips Hr211501, Philips Avance, Philips Hr2106, Philips Series, Philips Hr205990, and other products.
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Philips is a renowned home and kitchen appliances brand in Pakistan. You will find a Philips home appliance in just about every other household in Pakistan and a Philips blender is one of these kitchen appliances. The Philips blender is a welcome addition to any set of kitchen accessories. This is because a Philips blender can make quite a few kitchen tasks very simple and convenient for you. The Philips blender is a electric appliance that can be defined as a mixing machine which is controlled through a motor and has rotating blades inside it. Through this Philips blender, you can puree, liquidize, chop, and mix food items with utmost ease and convenient. So, if you are tired of mixing and pureeing food with manual accessories then the Philips blender is perfect for you. The most popular products of the Philips blender series in Pakistan are Philips Blender HR2056, Philips Blender HR2102, and Philips Blender HR2051.

Philips Blender Price in Pakistan - Latest Prices

Philips Blender HR2118 Rs. 12,999
Philips HR2056/90 Blender Rs. 7,199
Philips HR2051/00 Blender Rs. 6,799
Philips Blender HR2104/03 Rs. 12,299
Philips HR2115/01 Blender Rs. 12,299
Philips HR2059/90 Blender Rs. 8,199
Philips HR3652/00 Blender Rs. 30,299
Philips HR2118/01 Blender Rs. 17,699
Philips HR2104/03 Blender Rs. 12,499
Philips HR3556/00 Blender Rs. 24,099
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