Portable Hard Drive Price in Pakistan - Latest Jul, 2024 Prices

The Lowest price of Portable Hard Drive in Pakistan is Rs. 6,990, and estimated average price is Rs. 7,464. Get the latest price for Transcend Storejet, Seagate Expansion, Western Digital, Wd My, Seagate, Wd -, Adata Hd330, G-drive Mobile, Wd Elements, and other products.
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A portable hard drive, also known as an external hard drive, is essentially just computer storage that you can carry around with you. Instead of having a fixed hard drive in your laptop or desktop, the primary benefit of a portable hard drive is that you can take all that data with you anywhere, anytime. You can use a portable hard drive to make backups, keep your library of movies/TV shows/music/videos, or store valuable personal data that you wish to keep safe from prying eyes. A portable hard drive is generally multi-purpose and you can use it in a number of different ways – all you need to do to access it is to plug it into a computer and that is it! You can find portable hard drive from as small as 500 GB to as high as 4 TB in Pakistan. These portable hard drive come in both HDD and SSD form with some models specifically targeted for backups and archives. There are a number of brands in Pakistan that sell portable hard drive but the most renowned ones include Seagate, Western Digital (WD), Transcend, LaCie, and Toshiba.

Portable Hard Drive Price in Pakistan - Latest Prices

Portable Hard Drive 500 GB Rs. 6,999
Seagate STBU1000302 Portable Hard Drive Rs. 10,999
Seagate Expansion Portable Hard Drive 2TB Rs. 21,990
Seagate Expansion Portable Hard Drive 1TB Rs. 15,990
Seagate Expansion Portable Hard Drive 4TB Rs. 34,490
Seagate External Portable 320-GB Hard Drive Rs. 7,199
SEAGATE Expansion Portable Hard Drive 500GB Rs. 7,199
ADATA HD650 4TB External Hard Drive Portable Rs. 38,000
Adata Hd330 4tb Portable External Hard Drive Rs. 30,499
ADATA HD330 1TB External Hard Drive Portable Rs. 18,499
Seagate | Expansion Portable - 4TB Hard Drive Rs. 36,900

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