Scrubs Price in Pakistan - Latest Jan, 2021 Prices

The Lowest price of Scrubs in Pakistan is Rs. 28, and estimated average price is Rs. 32. Get the latest price for Cool, Derma Shine, Hollywood Style, St. Ives, Yc Whitening, Scrub Shine, Yc Thailand, Pelle Gold, Garnier Skin, and other products.
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Looking to get into taking care of your skin effectively and avoid skin problems? Then a scrub should be an essential investment for you. Facial scrubs are usually cream-like products with typically exfoliating tiny pieces in the substance that allow you to smoothen out your skin by lifting off the dead and dry skin cells you’ve accumulated over time. These scrubs and the small grains contained inside them can infiltrate your skin deep inside the pores to clean them and get rid of the unnecessary buildup. By simply applying them 2-3 times a week you can have clean, healthy skin with a glowing complexion!

Scrubs Price in Pakistan - Latest Prices

Black Seed Scrub Rs. 440
Derma Shine Pedi Scrub Rs. 387
Whitening Apricot Scrub Rs. 349
Jaselyn Gold Scrub 150ml Rs. 370
Scrub Shine Sponge Cloth Rs. 309
Silver Sea Ice Scrub 4 Oz Rs. 325
Derma Shine Apricot Scrub Rs. 387
Scrub Shine Toilet Cleaner Rs. 199
Whitening Face Scrub 100Ml Rs. 285
Purifying Face Scrub 100Ml Rs. 308
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