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The Lowest price of Shawl in Pakistan is Rs. 299, and estimated average price is Rs. 318. Get the latest price for Womens Swiss, Womens Black, Valvet Shawl, Womens Green, Indian Banarasi, Stoler For, New Fashion, Womens Blue, Womens Red, and other products.
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A shawl can be defined as a simple piece of clothing that can be worn over the shoulders in a loose fitting to cover the arms, upper body, and sometimes even the head (depending on how it is worn). Typically, a shawl is always a rectangular piece of clothing but it is often folded into a triangle shape when being worn. Though there are other styles and shapes of shawls, the rectangular shawl is the most common and dominant. In Pakistan though, a shawl is not just a simple piece of clothing but instead a fashionable accessory that comes in all kinds of fabrics, colors, designs, and sizes suitable for both men and women (though is more dominantly worn by women). The shawl is generally worn in winters for keeping the upper body warm but varieties of it are also worn in spring or summers by women as fashionable clothing. You can find shawls in all colors including green, brown, shocking pink, maroon, and white with all kinds of fabrics and designs in Pakistan by popular brand such as Misbah’s Style, Indusculture, A&G, and SmartU.

Shawl Price in Pakistan - Latest Prices

Meek Coel Rs. 1,147
Meek Peach Rs. 1,147
Eid Duppta Rs. 1,655
Meek Yellow Rs. 1,147
Meek Orange Rs. 1,147
Barosha Dupatta Rs. 490
Blue Velvet Stole Rs. 750
Brown Velvet Dress Rs. 750
Womens Red Dupatta Rs. 740
Womens Blue Dupatta Rs. 740
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