Spring Mattress Price in Pakistan - Latest Apr, 2024 Prices

The Lowest price of Spring Mattress in Pakistan is Rs. 16,200, and estimated average price is Rs. 21,867. Get the latest price for Dura Spring, Eterna Firm, Eterna Soft, Bravo Executive, Bravo Plus, Moltyhybrid Spring, Durafoam Spring, Dura Foam, Celeste Cool, and other products.
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There are several types of spring mattresses to select from. The ones with the coils, springs, coil counts, hybrids and others and the experience can get quite overwhelming. With such a wide range of spring mattresses available in the market, to help you decide which category suits your needs. We have elaborated pros and cons of some major spring mattresses below.

Bonnell Spring mattress

Bonnell technology is an Italian designed technology. It helps perfectly distribute weight across the mattress and contours the shape of the body. This technical design increases support to the surface area and maximizes the connection between the springs. Bonnel spring technology was a pioneer in mattress technology and is one of the most effective technologies. The spring is a web of wire coils. Beddings containing a sheet of Bonnell spring as a rule have a firmer surface because of the presence of this inner coil. These springs make the mattress motion-sensitive. This web of spring coils make Bonnell spring mattresses sensitive to movement. And this motion disturbance can be annoying for most people. They give more bounce and support in comparison to other types of mattresses. The mattress comes with high carbon wires and anti-corrosive technology. It provides a perfect bounce and a longer life for the mattress. Its construction makes it lighter and enhances airflow. The top layer is a super soft foam and also comes with edge support. It also helps relieve back pain and helps keep firm posture and spine support.

Pocketed Spring mattress

In pocket spring mattresses also consist of spring coils but each spring is wrapped into an individual bag, so there is no one-to-one contact between the springs. Each spring works independently of each other. This makes the movement isolated and does not cause motion disturbance making it the best kind of mattress to buy. Pocket springs are much less firm than Bonnell springs, however much better than the coil spring mattress. If you prefer softer mattresses, then a pocketed spring mattress is the right choice for you. However, since they are much less firm, they last less long than Bonnell spring mattresses. On top of a pocket spring mattress, you can have a memory foam filling or natural foam filling or hypoallergenic fillings as per your liking. Sound, 800 to 1,000 pocketed springs can be inserted in a mattress. Pocket spring mattresses are perfect for you if you and your partner are of different weights or tend to toss and turn throughout the night.

Innerspring latex hybrid mattress

Innerspring latex hybrid mattress, as the name suggests it is a combination of a latex mattress and a spring mattress. The innerspring latex mattress combines the best features of both mattresses, they have a soft, comfortable layer on the top or a foam cover layer on top. This comfort layer could consist of latex, polyfoam, or even memory foam. The key difference here is that they also contain coils and not only the soft foam-like in the memory foam mattresses. These types of mattresses generally cost more. The coils help add support to the mattress and make airflow easier hence traps lesser heat. They are more durable, supportive, and breathable. However, they can be very pricy and heavy. They also help in not making the mattress sag. This combination is a perfect duo for you if you are longing for a goodnight’s sleep.

Spring Mattress Price in Pakistan - Latest Prices

Dura Spring Mattress Rs. 16,200
Memory Spring Mattress Rs. 119,000
Durafoam Spring Mattress Rs. 20,250
Bravo Plus Spring Mattress Rs. 43,350
Eterna Firm Spring Mattress Rs. 80,500
Eterna Soft Spring Mattress Rs. 147,500
Moltyhybrid Spring Mattress Rs. 60,775
Bravo Executive Spring Mattress Rs. 62,900
Celeste Cool Gel Spring Mattress Rs. 59,925
Celeste Memory Luxe Spring Mattress Rs. 170,500
Dura Spring Ultra Mattress (pillow Top) Rs. 30,150

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