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The Lowest price of Table Lamp in Pakistan is Rs. 89, and estimated average price is Rs. 154. Get the latest price for Table Lamp, Pair Of, Sogo Rechargeable, 3d Acrylic, Himalayan Glow, New Creative, Desk Lamp, Multi Design, Eisa Wholesalers, and other products.
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A table lamp can be defined as a small electric lamp, traditionally with a stylish stand, which is typically placed on the side table of a bed. A table lamp can serve a wide variety of purposes which include general lighting or ambient lighting for the night time when all other lights are closed, decorative or accent lighting that provide a particular shade or color which looks pleasing and comforting to the eyes, and for task lighting which is for practical uses such as reading, writing, or working. You are often advised not to work under low-light conditions and a table lamp is the ideal solution for that since it provides adequate lighting for work. You can find a wide variety of stylish and decorative table lamps, or you can find table lamps with minimalistic and professional designs as well. Similarly, you can find table lamps that just provide light on the tap of a button, while you can find ‘smart’ table lamps that can be controlled via your smartphone as well! There are many varieties available in Pakistan and you can find several kinds of table lamps available by popular brands in Pakistan such as IKEA, Dareechay, Techmanistan, Flair, and Eglo.

Table Lamp Price in Pakistan - Latest Prices

Table Lamp Rs. 1,900
Emoji Light Rs. 200
Lamp - Pink Rs. 1,600
Lamp Golden Rs. 3,500
Rose Tree Lamp Rs. 2,000
Thai Table Lamp Rs. 699
Fancy Metal Lamp Rs. 2,199
Brown Table Lamp Rs. 875
Bamboo Table Lamp Rs. 799
Table Lamp - Black Rs. 900
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