Xbox 360 500Gb Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Xbox 360 500Gb in Pakistan is Rs. 24,670, and estimated average price is Rs. 33,702. Get the latest price for Microsoft Xbox, Xbox 360, Black Xbox, Xbox 360-super, and other products. The prices are collected from the best online stores in Pakistan like,, - updated Sep 2019.

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The Xbox 360 500 GB is a video game console for the home and office that was developed by Microsoft, primarily as the competitor to Sony’ PlayStation series. There are a number of features that stand out in the Xbox 360. These include Xbox Live which is Microsoft’s own online service for gaming that enables you to download and play games online without the need for a game disk. Other than this, through Xbox Music and Xbox Video on the Xbox 360, you can also steam music and videos of up to 1080p with the Xbox 360, and even access files and folders and other third-party content that is stored on your local computer system. Other than this, the Xbox-360 comes with 500 GB of storage with support for wired and wireless controllers and also support the Kinect motion sensing controllers as well. In Pakistan, you can find the Xbox 360 500 GB Slim version, Xbox 360 500 GB E version, and the Xbox 360 500 GB Modified version.

Xbox 360 Ultra Sim 500GB Rs. 39,999
Microsoft Xbox 360 500GB Rs. 41,999
XBOX 360 Pal (500gb console) Rs. 41,499
BLACK XBOX 360 500GB Slim JTAG Rs. 31,499
Black Xbox 360-500GB-Super Slim JTAG Rs. 38,579
Xbox 360 PAL 500GB Console Modified Rs. 44,799
Xbox 360 PAL 500GB Console - Modified Rs. 42,499
Black Xbox 360-500GB-Slim JTAG With Kinect Rs. 42,599
Black Xbox 360-500GB-Super Slim JTAG With Kinect Rs. 51,999
Microsoft Xbox 360 500GB Ultra Slim Black Unmodified Rs. 24,670
Microsoft Xbox 360-E 500GB Console With 2 Controllers Rs. 29,472
Xbox 360 500GB with Forza Horizon and COD Black Ops 2 Rs. 43,199
Microsoft Xbox 360 Ultra Slim 500 GB Black (Unmodified) Rs. 38,990
Xbox 360-Super Slim 500GB with Kinect Bundle Pack - Black Rs. 41,555
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