Certeza NB 605 Compressor Nebulizer Price

  -   Rs. 4,300

The Lowest price of Certeza NB 605 Compressor Nebulizer in Pakistan is Rs. 4,300, and the estimated average price is Rs. 4,625. Previously the price was Rs. 4,257 in March, approximately a 1% increase. Latest Apr 2024 price from tracked on major eCommerce stores all across Pakistan.

Certeza Nebulizer prices have gone down 1% in the last 30 days. Certeza NB 605 Compressor Nebulizer is available at very limited stores online.

  • Size : 100 x 185 x 185 mm
  • Weight : 1.4 Kg Approx
  • Power : 57 W

The Certeza Nebulizer NB-605 is a reliable and efficient companion for individuals managing respiratory conditions such as asthma, COPD, and other ailments requiring aerosolized medication delivery. The nebulizer has been crafted with precision and advanced technology, the Certeza NB-605 nebulizer compressor ensures the consistent and optimal distribution of particles, facilitating the effective delivery of medications to the respiratory tract. Its design caters specifically to the needs of those relying on such devices for their daily respiratory care, making it a vital medical tool for anyone who needs it. This Nebulizer comes with cutting-edge features. It ensures optimal particle size distribution and also contributes to enhanced treatment efficacy. This technological prowess translates into improved symptom management and overall respiratory health for users. Its performance is further distinguished by its capability to deliver a uniform mist, simplifying the inhalation process for users and promoting an efficient and user-friendly experience. The Certeza NB-605 Compressor Nebulizer stands as a testament to the intersection of medical innovation and patient-centric design. By prioritizing precision, consistency, and user-friendliness, this nebulizer contributes significantly to the well-being of individuals managing respiratory conditions, offering them a reliable and effective means of medication delivery.

Certeza NB 605 Compressor Nebulizer Price in Pakistan

The prices are collected from the best online stores in Pakistan like Daraz.pk, Symbios - updated Apr 2024.

Price Changes

Date Lowest Price
Mar 2024 Rs. 4,257
Apr 2024 Rs. 4,300
Apr 2024 Rs. 4,300