EcoStar 39 Inch 39U563 LED TV Price

  -   Rs. 31,000

The Lowest price of EcoStar 39 Inch 39U563 LED TV in Pakistan is Rs. 31,000, and the estimated average price is Rs. 34,400. Previously the price was Rs. 30,990 in November, approximately a 1% increase. Latest Jun 2021 price from tracked on major eCommerce stores all across Pakistan.

EcoStar LED TV prices have gone up 1% in the last 30 days. EcoStar 39 Inch 39U563 LED TV is available at very limited stores online.

The EcoStar 39U563, like its counterpart the EcoStar 39U564, is a budget LED TV from one of the leading electronics brands in Pakistan. The EcoStar 39U563 is a non-smart flat LED TV that is equipped with a vibrant 39-inch display, EcoStar's own Motion Reality and RealColor engines, and a Sound Max engine for boosting the sound performance. The picture quality of the EcoStar 39U563 is quite impressive with good contrast and excellent color reproduction. The only lacking is the FHD resolution, which should be a standard for all LED TVs in this price. Other than the resolution, the overall specifications and performance of the EcoStar 39U563 LED TV is on par with other LED TVs in this price range.

  • Screen Size: 39-inch
  • Resolution: 1366 x 768 (HD)
  • Smart Features: No
  • Hdmi: Yes

EcoStar 39 Inch 39U563 LED TV Price in Pakistan

The prices are collected from the best online stores in Pakistan like,, - updated Jun 2021.

Price Changes

Date Lowest Price
Jul 2019 Rs. 22,999
Jul 2019 Rs. 31,000
Nov 2019 Rs. 29,999
Mar 2020 Rs. 34,300
Mar 2020 Rs. 33,249
Apr 2020 Rs. 35,000
May 2020 Rs. 33,200
May 2020 Rs. 31,000
Jun 2020 Rs. 33,200
Jun 2020 Rs. 31,000
Oct 2020 Rs. 30,872
Oct 2020 Rs. 30,916
Oct 2020 Rs. 30,806
Oct 2020 Rs. 30,736
Oct 2020 Rs. 30,816
Oct 2020 Rs. 30,766
Oct 2020 Rs. 30,616
Oct 2020 Rs. 30,916
Nov 2020 Rs. 30,816
Nov 2020 Rs. 30,990
Dec 2020 Rs. 31,000
Jun 2021 Rs. 31,000

EcoStar 39 Inch 39U563 LED TV Specs

Screen Size 39-Inch
Resolution 1366x768 (HD)
Smart Features No
Built-in Woofer No
Hdr No
Curved Screen No
Usb Yes
Hdmi Yes
Bluetooth No