Super Asia SEH-10 Electric Water Heater Price

  -   Rs. 26,460

The Lowest price of Super Asia SEH-10 Electric Water Heater in Pakistan is Rs. 26,460, and the estimated average price is Rs. 26,727. Previously the price was Rs. 26,500 in February, approximately a 1% decrease. Latest Mar 2024 price from tracked on major eCommerce stores all across Pakistan.

Super Asia Geyser prices have gone up 1% in the last 30 days. Super Asia SEH-10 Electric Water Heater is widely available online.

The SEH-10 Electric Water Heater by Super Asia showcases a resilient design that merges durability and efficiency. Boasting an enamel-coated tank and heating element, it not only exudes a stylish appearance but also guarantees an extended operational life. Augmented by a magnesium rod with an extended lifespan, the SEH-10 stands as a great solution capable of meeting the continuous demands for hot water. Safety takes precedence in the SEH-10, evident through its thoughtful features. Incorporating dry heat and overheat protection mechanisms, this water heater ensures a secure operating environment, instilling confidence in users for a hazard-free experience. Further enhancing safety, the inclusion of maximum working pressure and earthing protection underscores the brand's dedication to user well-being. The SEH-10 goes beyond providing hot water; it prioritizes user peace of mind through its comprehensive safety measures. Beyond durability and safety, the SEH-10 embraces a modern design with its IPX4 water-proof rating. This feature ensures the water heater's resilience against external elements, adapting to various environmental conditions. Whether facing damp surroundings or unexpected splashes, the SEH-10 remains steadfast, harmonizing reliability with advanced features to deliver an excellent solution for all hot water needs.

Price Changes

Date Lowest Price
Jan 2024 Rs. 26,500
Jan 2024 Rs. 23,999
Jan 2024 Rs. 26,500
Feb 2024 Rs. 23,999
Feb 2024 Rs. 26,460
Feb 2024 Rs. 26,500
Mar 2024 Rs. 26,460
Mar 2024 Rs. 26,460