LA Girl Concealer Price in Pakistan - Latest Sep, 2020 Prices

Latest LA Girl prices start from Rs. 850. Common models available in Pakistan are La Girl Pro Conceal Hd Concealer Shade Gc972 Natural.

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LA Girl Concealer Price in Pakistan - Latest Prices

Model Price
La Girl Pro Conceal Hd Concealer Shade Gc972 Natural Rs. 850

LA girl is an economical cosmetics brand that has a wide variety of makeup including concealers at affordable prices. 

LA girl HD pro concealer: Despite being economical, this one concealer is a solution to all problems that may include dark circles, flaws, spots, blemishes etc. The texture of this concealer is creamy but it does not feel heavy on the skin. It is lightweight and therefore can be used on daily basis while allowing the skin to breathe. LA girl HD pro concealer helps to protect the skin against external irritants that include the sunlight and pollution. Moreover, it does not crease or give a cakey look. It is also transfer-resistant i.e. it does not get transferred from your face to your phone or hands. Along with this, it also gives an opaque finish to the whole makeup look. Suitable for all skin types and skin tones, it gives a natural look and even the skin tone covering all redness and blemishes as well as the wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes. From porcelain to truffle, it comes in around 30 shades that include light ivory, classic ivory, natural, creamy beige, nude, medium bisque, pure beige, warm sand, medium beige, almond, cool tan, toast, warm honey, fawn, toffee, espresso, chestnut, beautiful bronze, dark cocoa, mahogany, fairest, buff, vanilla, cool nude, bisque, tawny, light tan, suede and truffle.

There are flaws or imperfections that can not be covered by concealers alone. These include dark circles, redness etc. For this purpose, LA girl has come up with color correctors as well. The color collector come in up to 10 shades. Each shade specifically formulated and designed to cover a distinct type of skin problem. Following are the uses of different color correctors. 

Orange corrector is used to neutralize dark spots for medium/deep skin tones. Yellow Corrector corrects dullness caused by purple/blue undertones and brightens undereye circles for medium to dark skin tones. Green Corrector neutralizes redness for medium to dark skin tones. Lavender Corrector neutralizes unwanted yellow undertones and sallowness. Peach Corrector neutralizes dark spots for light skin tones. Light Yellow Corrector corrects dullness caused by purple/blue undertones and brightens under eye circles for fairer skin tones. Mint Corrector neutralizes redness for fair/light skin tones. Reddish Corrector neutralizes dark spots for dark/deep dark skin tones. Cool Pink Corrector neutralizes dark spots for fair/light skin tones. Flat White Corrector lightens and neutralizes any PRO. conceal shade.

These color correctors are applied before applying the concealer in order to even the skin tone and get an even complexion. First a color corrector is used for the purpose described above after which the concealer is applied. As the last step after the application of foundation, use the highlighter shade. The highlighter shades comprise highlighter, Iridescent highlighter and champaign highlighter.

This concealer has to be applied to makeup free, clean face. Choosing the right shade of concealer can make or break your whole makeup look. It is advised to pick a concealer that is two shades lighter than your skin tone or complexion for best results. Apply it with a brush or your fingertips to achieve the perfect natural look. To make sure that the concealer does not oxidize and stays in its place for long hours I.e. it proves to be long-wearing, set it with setting/loose powder after application. This concealer also helps in highlighting and contouring processes. It is therefore rightly called a multitasking concealer, one that fulfills more than one purpose. For best results, it is also advised to use more than 1 shade I.e. mix up two shades to get desired finish. serves as a directory/search engine to locate resources on the internet. The company names, product names, product images, and service names on this page are used for identification purposes only. This does not imply any kind of endorsement or affiliation.