Philips Hair Dryer Price in Pakistan - Latest Apr, 2024 Prices

Philips Dryers prices start from Rs. 4,999 in Pakistan. Common products available in Pakistan are Philips HP8108/00 Hair Dryer, Philips BHC015/00 Hair Dryer, Philips BHC010/10 Hair Dryer, and Philips EssentialCare Hair Dryer (BHC015/00).

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Philips Hair Dryer - Price Summary

Model Price
Philips HP8108/00 Hair Dryer Rs. 4,999
Philips BHC015/00 Hair Dryer Rs. 5,999
Philips BHC010/10 Hair Dryer Rs. 6,999
Philips EssentialCare Hair Dryer (BHC015/00) Rs. 13,600
Philips EssentialCare Hair Dryer (BHC010/00) Rs. 13,500
Philips EssentialCare Hair Dryer (BHC010/10) Rs. 13,500
Philips Hair Dryer Bhc010/10 Rs. 6,499
Philips 3000 Series Hair Dryer with Diffuser (BHD360/20) Price in Pakistan Rs. 20,399
Philips 3000 Series Hair Dryer (BHD300/10) Price in Pakistan Rs. 14,399
Philips Hair Dryer Bhc015/00 Rs. 6,499

Philips is a Dutch multinational corporation that was founded in Eindhoven. Founded in 1891, this brand has its headquarters in Amsterdam and Eindhoven. It is the subsidiary of Saeco, Respironics, and Magnavox. Philips manufactures a wide range of products that include a variety ranging from hospital respiratory care to hair care products.

Philips Dry Care Prestige Moisture Protect Hair Dryer: This stylish and sophisticated hair dryer by Philips is available in pink color which is not only pleasing to the eyes but is also lightweight making it easy for the users to carry it around and does not cause stress on the hands and arms during hair styling. It also has 2300W drying power. As the name clearly depicts, this hair dryer works to protect the natural moisture of your hair by keeping the optimal temperature in check to make sure your hair gets dried without them losing the moisture. For the purpose of providing a shiny end result, it has ionic care. 

Philips Dry Care Advanced Hair Dryer: Getting your hair dried fast while maintaining its natural moisture and shine is not an easy task to achieve but this is what Philips has accomplished with this product. You can dry your hair fast and that too while protecting them against heat damage. It has multiple speeds and temperatures you can select from to get the perfect blow-dry result that you are looking for. It also has a cool shot. Another one of its features is that it has 2100W max drying power. With 6 heat and speed settings, this hair dryer by Philips is surely worth buying.

Philips Dry Care Essential Hair Dryer: This sophisticated and stylish hair dryer by Philips is available in black color. It has 2 flexible speed settings and is ultra-compact. With 1200W drying power, this hair dryer is lightweight and can be carried easily by the users. It also does not cause much stress on your arm when it comes to styling your hair using the product. serves as a directory/search engine to locate resources on the internet. The company names, product names, product images, and service names on this page are used for identification purposes only. This does not imply any kind of endorsement or affiliation.