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Yamaha Bikes History in Pakistan:

Yamaha is probably the youngest bike manufacturing brand in Pakistan. The company made its way into the competition with the German-inspired YA-1. Then, back in 1976, other models of Yamaha started becoming popular on our roads, which included YB100, RX115, and DT175. Over the years, the company kept on putting out more and more bikes, but for many petrolheads, things were getting quite boring on Yamaha’s part. However, the brand punched back with the YBR125 in 2015. The bike was so successful that they even released another variant of it. The YBR12TG. Needless to say, Yamaha has had and is still having quite a run in Pakistan.

Demand for Yamaha Bikes in Pakistan:

Yamaha is without a doubt, one of the most, if not, the most popular motorcycle company in Pakistan. However, they have been going through a rough patch recently. Yamaha sold 1,261 bikes back in July and 1,242 in August which is a decrease of 30% and 2% respectively when it comes to a month-to-month basis. But these sorts of fluctuations happen. The company will surely bounce back to the top of its game.

Best Models of Yamaha Bikes: 

Yamaha YZF-R1: One of the best bikes in Yamaha's lineup is the YZF-R1 with a hefty price tag between $18,000 and $27,000. This bike is what one would refer to as a speed demon. It's packed with cutting-edge technology which is what gives it its almost other-worldly speed as well as precision when it comes to handling.

However, we must say, inexperienced riders should stay away from this bike as it would be extremely difficult for them to handle it. But worry not, it still has some electronics that can make it so that even lesser experienced riders could manage it, although as we said, it can get out of their control.

Yamaha MT09: The Yamaha MT09 is a bike that is in a limbo of being a sports bike and a cruiser. With a price tag of around $10,000, this bike is perfect for people who are casual but are also looking to get a kick out of life. The MT09 is inspired by Japanese bikes from the '70s.

This bike is also for people who don't want to be bounded by handling an extremely powerful bike when they hit the street as well as the chrome that comes with cruiser bikes. The MT09 comes with neither of those things. All you need to have for this bike is a decent head on your shoulders.

Cheapest Yamaha Bikes:

Sure, not everyone wants to drop tens of thousands of bucks on motorcycles, some are looking for rather affordable options. Yamaha has an abundance of those as well which include:

  • Yamaha YB50 (50 cc) – Rs/- 45,000.
  • Yamaha DYL Dhoom YD70 (75 cc) – Rs/- 80,000.
  • Yamaha YBR 125 (125 cc) – Rs /- 195,000

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