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Ensure Milk Formula prices start from Rs. 1,699 in Pakistan. Common products available in Pakistan are Ensure NutrivigorVanilla 400gm, Ensure Strawberry Milk Powder 400gm, Ensure Chocolate Milk Powder 400gm, and Ensure Nutritional Supplement Chocolate Flavor 850g.

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Ensure - Price Summary

Model Price
Ensure NutrivigorVanilla 400gm Rs. 2,123
Ensure Strawberry Milk Powder 400gm Rs. 1,749
Ensure Chocolate Milk Powder 400gm Rs. 1,749
Ensure Nutritional Supplement Chocolate Flavor 850g Rs. 3,498
Abbott Ensure Vanilla Powder Milk 400g Rs. 1,891
Ensure Original Powder - Chocolate - 400gmcomplete Balanced Nutrition Rs. 1,702
Ensure Original Powder - Strawberry - 400gmcomplete Balanced Nutrition Rs. 1,702
Ensure Original Powder - Vanilla - 400gm Complete, Balanced Nutrition Rs. 1,699
Ensure Vanilla Nutrition Powder 400 gm Rs. 1,859
Abbott Ensure Vanilla Powder Milk 850g Rs. 3,778

Ensure is a well-known American brand of nutritional supplements. It is providing complete balanced nutrition since 1973. Ensure is the no. 1 brand recommended by doctors that provide cutting-edge nutrition products.

Ensure milk is used in Pakistan by many people. As the diet of Pakistani people is not very health conscious so the supplements like ensure can fulfill their nutritional needs, especially for old age people.

Benefits of Ensure Milk:

With growing age, ensure or other energy supplements become very important in our lives to maintain a healthy body. Following are the benefits of Ensure milk:

  1. Increases Muscle: Ensure milk increases muscle mass. When your body doesn't get enough protein, muscles become weak. As Ensure contains high-quality proteins, therefore, its intake will keep you active and healthy.
  2. Keeps your bones strong and healthy: As we all know calcium is the most important nutrient the body needs to maintain stronger bones and teeth. Other nutrients needed for bone health are magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin D, and vitamin K.  Luckily, you have the Ensure energy drink that contains the required amount of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin D, and vitamin K in it.
  3. Boosts immunity: Ensure milk improves the immune system, protecting us from different diseases by fighting against them. Ensure milk contains immune nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, and folic acid.
  4. Improves metabolism: Ensure milk contains Vitamin B and Iodine which help in metabolism.
  5. Protects against infections: Zinc and Manganese are the nutrients that protect us against infections and your Ensure energy drink contains these nutrients.

Who can Use Ensure:

Ensure is usually manufactured and marketed for older people to maintain their health but it can also be used by other people who need extra nutrition. The patients recovering from some illness may also use and benefit from Ensure. Similarly, pregnant and lactating mothers can also get benefit from these supplements for their nutritional requirements. But always seek medical advice from your Dr. before use. 

Dosage: Add 6 level scoops of powder to 195 ml of water in one serving. and take it twice a day.

Possible Side Effects: Nausea, constipation, and flatulence are the possible side effects of Ensure milk.

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