Powdered Milk Formula Price in Pakistan - Latest Jun, 2024 Prices

Milk Formula prices start from Rs. 5,999 in Pakistan. Common products available in Pakistan are Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder Original - 5lbs - Double Rich Chocolate milk drink powder, and Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder Original - 5lbs - Double Rich Chocolate milk drink powder.

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Powdered Milk Formula - Price Summary

Model Price
Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder Original - 5lbs - Double Rich Chocolate milk drink powder Rs. 5,999
Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder Original - 5lbs - Double Rich Chocolate milk drink powder Rs. 6,550

Formula milk is also called baby formula or instant formula. It is made using cow’s milk. However, the milk is treated for suitability for kids. 

A wide range of brands are available in Pakistan, some are local, and some are imported. You can easily purchase them from superstores and pharmacies. Moreover, always check for the labels before making a purchase because all the ingredients should be suitable for your baby.

There are two different types of formula milk, powder milk that is made after mixing in water, and ready-to-feed formula. If the two are compared, powder milk is better because it has a longer expiration, while liquid formula needs to be finished within some hours and is more expensive.

Formula milk provides babies with sufficient nutrients that are essential for their growth and development.

Formula Milk VS Fresh Milk

People either prefer fresh milk or formula milk for their babies, which depends on the taste, cost, or nutritional value of the product. Moreover, the shelf life too. Powdered milk is dried milk that is made by evaporating milk. The moisture content is lower, and it is easily available in the markets. Whereas fresh milk is usually sourced from local vendors and doesn’t have a very long shelf life, or nutritional values. It is not pasteurized either, which requires it to be boiled before consumption. Depending on the safety and nutritional value, one should opt for powdered milk for their babies.

Types of Powdered Milk Formula Available in Pakistan

Instant Formula Milk

  • Lactogen 1: Lactogen 1 supports healthy growth and improves your child’s digestion. It also makes your child’s gut stronger for defense against diseases. 
  • Morinaga BF 1: Morinaga Bf 1 is formulated for newborns. It helps improve their growth, making their immune system stronger. However, always use infant formula based on what your child’s pediatrician recommends.
  • Lactogen 2: Lactogen 2 is a spray-dried formula for infants under six months for top feed or for babies who are not breastfed.
  • Morinaga BF 2: Morinaga BF2 is the best formula for your babies and is ideal for ages six months and over. However, babies under six months should not use this formula. It is made using cow’s milk which can prevent deficiencies.

Nutritional Formula Milk for Adults:

  • Ensure: Ensure is complete and balanced nutrition for adults. It helps them maintain a healthy weight and provides them with a balanced diet, for example, proteins. It is beneficial for patients with malnutrition and involuntary weight loss.
  • Glucerna: Glucerna can be used as a meal replacement. It is specifically designed for people with diabetes type 2 and those with prediabetes or diabetes type 1. The product is high in protein and has low calories.

Regular Powdered Milk for Tea Dessert and Coffee

  • Everyday: Nestle Every day is a tea whitener and can be used with either tea or coffee. It is easily available in all the superstores of Pakistan.
  • Nido: Nido is powdered milk specifically formulated for children between the age of one and three. The formula contains vitamins, minerals, and prebiotics, which are essential for your child’s immune system.

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