Everyday Milk Price in Pakistan - Latest Mar, 2024 Prices

Everyday Milk Formula prices start from Rs. 662 in Pakistan. Common products available in Pakistan are Nestle Everyday 1.8kg - Separate Tea Whitener, Nestle Everyday 1.3kg - Separate Tea Whitener, Nestl Everyday 350gm - Separate Tea Whitener, and Nestle Everyday 850gm- Separate Tea Whitener.

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Everyday Milk - Price Summary

Model Price
Nestle Everyday 1.8kg - Separate Tea Whitener Rs. 3,263
Nestle Everyday 1.3kg - Separate Tea Whitener Rs. 2,199
Nestl Everyday 350gm - Separate Tea Whitener Rs. 662
Nestle Everyday 850gm- Separate Tea Whitener Rs. 1,642
Tea Whitener - Nestle Everyday Powder 560g Pouch Rs. 1,046
Tea Whitener - Nestle Everyday Powder 560g Pouch - Original Rs. 1,130

Nestle Everyday has been selling powdered milk for over twenty-seven years in Pakistan, which is widely used in tea and desserts. It is one of the most loved creamers that is used nationwide by tea drinkers. Moreover, as the years have passed by, they have created different variants according to the needs of the consumers.

The original range is known for its slogan “khaas taste”, which is greatly admired by religious tea drinkers because it adds a touch of creaminess and sweetness to regular tea. The delicious taste makes people want to drink more and more each time.

The powdered tea milk was created after keeping people’s preferences in mind, with perfect and balanced properties. It gives a traditional taste of tea. Furthermore, Nestle Everyday is not just used in tea, people also use it in their black coffee or in desserts. It is a very handy alternative to fresh milk while making desserts.

Pakistanis consume tea as it runs in their veins. Whether it is at work, at home, or at a gathering, tea is a must-have beverage wherever they are, whatever the weather. Regular milk is not always a viable option because it is not convenient to store. Nestle Everyday powder is dry and can be stored anywhere without any storage restrictions. The smaller sachets can even be kept in your bag pack or purse to use on the go. Moreover, tea made with Everyday does not even require sugar because the taste of the milk is a bit sweetened. However, that is a personal preference.

Everyday also has a healthy range for those who are diabetic or fitness conscious, so there is an option for everyone who enjoys a cup of tea. Whatever the preference, Nestle Everyday has a range for everyone

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