Steam Iron Price in Pakistan - Latest Nov, 2020 Prices

Latest Steam Iron prices start from Rs. 1,190. Common models available in Pakistan are Sinbo SSI-2862 Iron & Steam Iron White, Sinbo SSI-2864 Iron & Steam Iron Multicolor, Westpoint WF 1155 White & Purple Garment Steamer and Sinbo SSI-2864 Iron & Steam Iron Multicolor.

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Steam Iron Price in Pakistan - Latest Prices

Model Price
Sinbo SSI-2862 Iron & Steam Iron White Rs. 3,040
Sinbo SSI-2864 Iron & Steam Iron Multicolor Rs. 2,490
Westpoint WF 1155 White & Purple Garment Steamer Rs. 8,500
Sinbo SSI-2864 Iron & Steam Iron Multicolor Rs. 3,270
Philips Steam Iron 1418 Rs. 2,770
Philips Steam Iron #GC1426 Rs. 4,820
Philips Steam Iron GC510 Rs. 10,049
Philips GC2730 Steam Iron Rs. 3,099
Philips GC2720 Steam Iron Rs. 3,099
Philips GC2710 Steam Iron Rs. 3,099

Everyone likes to wear a wrinkle-free and adorable dress. So after laundry, the first important task that comes to mind is ironing. Now there are different options available in the market for ironing the clothes. The two main types of irons are

  • Dry iron
  • Steam iron

Dry iron removes the creases but to an extent. For better removal of wrinkles, you have to use a spray bottle with a dry iron because the dampness removes the creases much better. 

For this purpose, a steam iron comes into play as it has a water tank that converts water into steam that is applied to clothes, and creases do not exist anymore. So steam iron will handle all the work and you don't need to spray water and then iron.  Steam iron is much better than dry iron in removing wrinkles but it doesn't work well when there is a thick fabric.

The following are the popular brands that offer steam irons in Pakistan.

Philips Steam Iron: Philips is the popular brand offering steam irons in Pakistan. Its steam irons feature a non-stick soleplate and are anti-calc. This soleplate lets you glide easier and continuous steam makes your ironing process effective.

Westpoint Steam Iron: Westpoint steam iron features horizontal and vertical surge of steam. It can be used as dry, spray, or steam iron. Its handle is designed especially for easy grip. You can adjust its temperature as you need.

Panasonic Steam Iron: Panasonic Steam iron comes with features of easy and stable glide, anti-calc, self-cleaning system, and ergonomic handle. It makes your ironing process very easy. 

Kenwood Steam Iron: Another popular brand offering steam iron in Pakistan is Kenwood. Its steam irons feature CeramiCare soleplate, water spray, vertical steam, variable steam control as needed for different fabrics, and a large water tank. Moreover, these irons also have angled water spray to remove stubborn creases.

Braun Steam Iron: Braun steam iron features FreeGlide 3D technology that ensures Glideability. Due to its rapid heat up, you don't have to wait long before starting to iron. Other features include a self-cleaning system, super ceramic coating, and an easy refill.

Anex Steam Iron: This iron features dry/steam function, ceramic soleplate, and vertical steaming. It is self-cleaning, anti-drip, and anti-calc. serves as a directory/search engine to locate resources on the internet. The company names, product names, product images, and service names on this page are used for identification purposes only. This does not imply any kind of endorsement or affiliation.