Dishwashers Price in Pakistan - Latest Jul, 2024 Prices

Dishwashers prices start from Rs. 18,200 in Pakistan. Common products available in Pakistan are Dawlance Dishwasher DDW 1350 S, LeakSmart Dishwasher Appliance Kit 3/8 Price in Pakistan, Dawlance DDW 868 Counter Top Inverter Dishwasher, and Dawlance Inverter Dishwasher DDW-1451 G.

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Dishwashers - Price Summary

Model Price
Dawlance Dishwasher DDW 1350 S Rs. 146,815
LeakSmart Dishwasher Appliance Kit 3/8 Price in Pakistan Rs. 54,499
Dawlance DDW 868 Counter Top Inverter Dishwasher Rs. 105,000
Dawlance Inverter Dishwasher DDW-1451 G Rs. 183,000
Bosch Dishwasher SMS50E92GC Rs. 250,000
Bosch Dishwasher SMS46DI00M Rs. 235,000
Midas Dishwasher DW-151 Rs. 180,000
LIFE SMILE Steamer Pot 10 Liter Steaming Cookware Couscoussier with Tempered Glass Lid- 2 Tier Steaming Pot Granite Coating Stock Pot- Induction Bottom Dishwasher Safe 26 CM 10 Liters Rs. 21,000
LIFE SMILE Steamer Pot 8 Liter Steaming Cookware Couscoussier with Tempered Glass Lid- 2 Tier Steaming Pot Granite Coating Stock Pot- Induction Bottom Dishwasher Safe 24 CM 8 Liters Rs. 18,200
Air Fryer, PARIS RHNE Air Fryers with Rapid Air Circulation, 1200W Oilless Oven with 8 Presets, 5L Capacity, LED Touch Control, Timer/Temp Control, Visual Cooking Window, Nonstick & Dishwasher-Safe Rs. 35,999

Dishwashing by hand may be the most common way in our households, but it is certainly not the most convenient method as it requires a lot of effort and time. Scrubbing the dirty plates doesn't sound like a fun idea. Technological advancements like dishwashers are making household chores easier day by day. The dishwasher sprays the hot water to clean the dishware effectively, making the best use of your time and effort. Although the dishwashers are far from the ultimate kitchen solution in Pakistan, some major brands like Dawlance, Haier, LG, and Bosch are coming up with great dishwashing products.

Dawlance Dishwasher: Dawlance is well and truly the market leader of dishwashers in Pakistan. Dawlance has the most number of dishwashing products available in the Pakistani market. With Dawlance's innovative technology, they have launched both the inverter and non-inverter dishwashers with their all-new aqua-intense technology. Dawlance DDW-868-CTB is the cheapest dishwasher available for 68,000/- PKR, other models like DDW-1350-S are available for 78,000/- 

Haier Dishwasher: Haier is also offering a variety of choices in dishwashers. One of their most famous dishwasher models in Pakistan is DW14KFFWWPK offers features like white door protection and temperature setting and it is available for as low as 70,000/- PKR.

LG Dishwasher: LG is focusing on high-end dishwashers in Pakistan. LG dishwashers are getting used for both household and commercial purposes. The main benefits of LG dishwashers are that they make less noise and the new SmartThinQ technology for the next level of connectivity. The lowest price of an LG dishwasher (LG DFG425 FB) is around 166,800 

Bosch Dishwasher: Bosch dishwashers in Pakistan are known for their reliability as Bosch offers a lifetime warranty of water damages, also ten years for the internal parts. Bosch dishwasher also takes good care of your dishes with its glass protection feature. The lowest price available for a bosch dishwasher is 109,000. serves as a directory/search engine to locate resources on the internet. The company names, product names, product images, and service names on this page are used for identification purposes only. This does not imply any kind of endorsement or affiliation.