Dawlance Dishwasher Price in Pakistan - Latest Feb, 2023 Prices

Dawlance Dishwasher Dishwashers prices start from Rs. 67,400 in Pakistan. Common products available in Pakistan are Dawlance Inverter Dishwasher (DDW-1485 G), Dawlance Dishwasher Ddw 1485 G Inv, Dawlance Dishwasher 1480 I Inverter, and Dawlance Dishwasher DDW 1350 S.

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Dawlance Dishwasher - Price Summary

Model Price
Dawlance Inverter Dishwasher (DDW-1485 G) Rs. 148,000
Dawlance Dishwasher Ddw 1485 G Inv Rs. 142,700
Dawlance Dishwasher 1480 I Inverter Rs. 162,800
Dawlance Dishwasher DDW 1350 S Rs. 94,112
Dawlance Free standing Dishwasher DW-1480 Rs. 105,412
Dawlance DW-1485 Dishwasher Rs. 107,898
Dawlance Dishwasher (DDW-1350 S) Rs. 90,640
Dawlance Inverter Dishwasher (DDW-1480 I) Rs. 110,500
Dawlance Dishwasher (DDW-1350 S) Rs. 85,000
Dawlance Inverter Dishwasher (DW-14801) Rs. 111,240

Dawlance Employs the most up-to-date European technology in their dishwashers. Dawlance dishwashers are available in two different series :

Non-Inverter Series: DW-1350-S is one of the most economical models offered by Dawlance. DW-1350-S dishwasher is water efficient and provides a high level of hygiene by washing at as high as 70 degrees

Inverter Series: DDW-1485G INV and DDW-1480I INV are the two models offered in the energy-efficient efficient series of dishwashers by dawlance. These are stylish-looking models with glass doors. Aqua-intense technology gives the power to remove the dirt 5x better than your average dishwasher.

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