Apple Laptop Price in Pakistan - MacBook Price in Pakistan - Latest May, 2022 Prices

Apple Laptops prices start from Rs. 28,999 in Pakistan. Common products available in Pakistan are Apple Macbook 12 256GB Gold (MNYK2), Apple Macbook 12 256GB Rose Gold (MNYM2), Apple MacBook Pro 2019 16 1TB 2.3GHz MVVK2 Space Gray with Touch Bar and Touch ID, and Apple MacBook Pro 13 Core i5 Space Gray (MV962).

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Apple Laptop - MacBook - Price Summary

Model Price
Apple Macbook 12 256GB Gold (MNYK2) Rs. 148,999
Apple Macbook 12 256GB Rose Gold (MNYM2) Rs. 154,499
Apple MacBook Pro 2019 16 1TB 2.3GHz MVVK2 Space Gray with Touch Bar and Touch ID Rs. 432,999
Apple MacBook Pro 13 Core i5 Space Gray (MV962) Rs. 237,000
Apple MacBook Pro 16 Core i9 Space Gray (MVVK2) Rs. 417,999
Apple Macbook Air 13 Core i5 Space Gray (MVH22) Rs. 214,499
Apple MacBook Pro 2020 13 512GB 2.0GHz MWP42 Space Grey with Touch Bar and Touch ID Rs. 264,999
Apple MacBook Pro 2019 16 512GB 2.6GHz MVVJ2 Space Gray with Touch Bar and Touch ID Rs. 394,999
Apple Macbook Pro 2020 13 1TB 2.0 GHz MWP82 Silver Touch Bar and Touch ID Rs. 414,999
Apple MacBook Pro 16 MVVJ2 Ci7 16GB 512GB 4GB GPU Rs. 375,000

Apple has always been a trendsetter in the technology world. Everything changed when Steve Jobs unveiled the MacBook Air back in 2008. It was so thin and light that Steve pulled it out from a brown paper envelope. All of a sudden, the entire landscape for laptops was flipped.

While laptops will probably never reach that level of excitement again, one can hope. Apple MacBooks still have that air of quality about them. Everything from the design, the construction, to the OS all feel premium. MacBooks have gained popularity in Pakistan due to the seamless integration with iOS and other Apple products.

Here’s a quick look at Apple’s Current MacBook lineup:

MacBook Air

The MacBook is very popular among students and people who prefer portability. We’re glad that Apple updated this classic laptop at last. Now it has a 2560 x 1600 13.3” display. The new scissor switches on the Magic Keyboard feel phenomenal. You also get to pick from the new 10th gen processors while getting fast SSD storage. Safe to say, this is a return to form for the MacBook Air.

MacBook Pro 13-inch

The Macbook Pro 13-inch is for people who love the form factor of the Air but need a little more power. It’s a great middle-ground between the extremely lightweight MacBook Air and the powerful MacBook Pro 16-inch. It has the new Magic Keyboard as well. You can configure it all the way up to a quad-core 10th gen i7.

All in all, this is an excellent purchase. The 13-inch MacBook Pro should be the ideal Apple laptop for most people in Pakistan.

MacBook Pro 16-inch

The 16-inch MacBook Pro is the best laptop Apple has ever made. It has a big beautiful retina display, six-core or eight-core Intel processors, and dedicated graphics cards from AMD. Apart from that, you get the new touch bar, new keyboard layout, and extremely crisp speakers.

When you’re paying top dollar for a machine like this, you obviously get great build quality and design too. It’s the Apple MacBook experience that turned up to 11. If you have the money for it, we can’t recommend it enough. serves as a directory/search engine to locate resources on the internet. The company names, product names, product images, and service names on this page are used for identification purposes only. This does not imply any kind of endorsement or affiliation.