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500GB SSD prices start from Rs. 9,000 in Pakistan. Common products available in Pakistan are Samsung 500GB 970 EVO Plus NVMe M.2 Internal SSD, WD Blue SSD 500GB, Samsung 970 EVO 500GB NVMe PCIe M.2 2280 SSD, and Angelbird AVpro XT Internal SSD (500GB).

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500GB SSD - Price Summary

Model Price
Samsung 500GB 970 EVO Plus NVMe M.2 Internal SSD Rs. 18,499
WD Blue SSD 500GB Rs. 12,990
Samsung 970 EVO 500GB NVMe PCIe M.2 2280 SSD Rs. 17,490
Angelbird AVpro XT Internal SSD (500GB) Rs. 49,000
Seagate Compact 500GB SSD Rs. 26,400
Adata SSD 500GB SC685 Portable Rs. 13,800
Samsung SSD 500GB 970 EVO PLUS NVMe M.2 Rs. 39,780
Samsung SSD 500GB 970 EVO NVMe M.2 Rs. 36,075
Samsung SSD 500GB T5 Portable Rs. 73,125
Western Digital SSD 500GB BLUE SATA Rs. 12,000

Picking a storage drive for your next gig/system can be a hard process. Currently, SSD prices are very acceptable, there are several storage options available in the market with several different speeds to consider, and a broad range of prices. There are two basic form factors that one should consider when looking for an SSD for their system: a two-and-a-half-inch drive and an M2 drive, which is much smaller. In this post, we’ll be looking at both. The two and a half inch drives can be placed in a system mounting them to SSD trays or mounting cases but they can basically be placed anyway, upside down, sideways, duck tapped, basically anywhere in the build. M2 form factor attaches to the PC either via PCIe three occupying up to four lanes or SATA 3 or USB 3 Back when SSDs started to really take off, for consumers it took loads of NAND dies to reach capacities that would be considered. Even back then, it was enough for a boot drive that holds your operating system and some key performance-sensitive applications. One could get one terabyte SSD back then but it was very unusual. The OCZ colossus series was actually one of the earliest few available in up to one terabyte capacities in 2010 but was one of the only SSD to have ever been shipped in a three-and-a-half-inch form factor. It was the size of a hard drive. It had not one but two in-the-links controllers each with their separate D round caches and was covered front and back with NAND packaging. if you are on the look for SSDs you've stumbled upon the right page

Crucial P1 500 GigaBytes NvMe SSD

The Crucial P1 500 Gigabytes is a NvMe M.2 is an SSD that is available at the price of around 10K rupees. The Crucial P1 500 Gigabytes is a NvMe M.2 is the first-ever SSD that is manufactured and sold by crucial also known as Micron. It is also one of the first-ever SSD to use the QLC flash technology. The packaging is pretty simple from the outside and has the SSD inside, well protected in a plastic clamshell. So means that it has a very less chance of getting damaged on the way. In terms of accessories, it comes only with a user manual which has all the necessary instructions about the Crucial P1 500 Gigabytes is a NvMe M.2 SSD and the software included by Crucial. The Crucial P1 500 Gigabytes is a NvMe M.2 model that uses a 2280 form factor, which means it has a width of 22 millimeters and a length of 80 millimeters. The controller used on this SSD is a Silicon motion SM2263ENG, a controller that is also used on one other P1 SSDs, regardless of the storage capacity. This controller also has full support for QLC and NAND flash memory storage. The storage chips used are by Micron and are the 64 layer QLC NAND type. It has fast storage and is done by a single micron of one Gigabyte ddr3 chip with the model number D9SDQ, this chip is essentially the writing cake of the drive, It delivers constant 1700 Megabytes writing speed as advertised. The installation is fairly simple and you should have this up and running in a few minutes. When Crucial P1 500 GigaBytes SSD was compared with several read and write test results online, we clearly see that the Crucial P1 500 can easily handle itself and performs efficiently in different scenarios. The average temperature for this SSD is 26 degrees celsius, with a heat sink it can be kept to lower the temperature but even without one, with constant airflow, the temperature is manageable and decent compared to factory advertised characteristics. The Crucial P1 500 SSD is a great all-rounder the only problem is, its price. With several models coming in competition with better price cuts quickly it's something one would buy if in desperate quick need.

SanDisk Ultra 3d 500 GB SSD

SanDisk Ultra 3d 500 GB SSD uses 3D NAND technology. This SSD is available in a variety of sizes from 250 gigabytes to 4 terabytes, but today we’ll be talking about the SanDisk Ultra 3d 500 gigabytes SSD. It is a two-and-a-half-inch SSD. you can install it on your desktop computer or laptop if it accepts two and a half-inch solid-state drives. You can also use it for external storage. It is advertised that the SSD performs up to 560 megabytes per second on the read speed and up to 530 megabytes on the write speed, meaning 6 gigabytes per second of the transfer. It has very simple packaging, nothing fancy. It is packed in a simple plastic casing and comes with the drive itself and a user manual. It has mounting points on the sides and the bottom. It has connections on one end. It is a very fast SSD. It gives excellent running speeds, a roundabout of 350 to 400 megabytes per second on both read and write. This is not up to its full capability, it all depends on the system it is connected to, or the speed or data throughput the connection allows. On EGA systems with benchmarking tests, we get around 489 megabytes write speed and 506 megabytes read speed and even better when run in systems like crest-2. This type of SSD is perfect for anyone who is a pro gamer or starting in the field. It gives you faster burst speeds because of its NCACHE 2.0 technology. It is reliable and gives you low power consumption. It is durable because it has no moving parts. It’s all solid-state. It's easy to set up. It runs very coolly and quietly, in fact virtually silent. The biggest benefit of using these is that you can easily move your data from machine to machine. You can also easily archive them if you don’t want to transfer the data across a network-attached storage device. The prices of the device do keep going up and down so make sure you get it at the best price available. The price of the SanDisk Ultra 3D 500 GB lies around 22k to 27k Pakistani rupees. It has a warranty of 5 years which is pretty good. This is a consumer-level drive hence it is not focused on simultaneously increasing capacity and endurance. So it is perfect for you if you don't handle enterprise data or work for one.

Crucial MX 500 SSD

This is another very exciting product that is crucial for its consumers. Some of the key specs of the MX 500 are it has more than 500 megabytes read and write data access speeds. The bytes written are 180 which are a little less than other drives in the market but still acceptable for consumer hard drives. It also features DRAM caching which is very important to get higher performance out of the drive it has a warranty of 5 years, which is a pretty good tenure. The drive comes in a molded plastic case with an instruction manual, the drive itself, and a black spacer to keep the drive-in place if in some cases it wobbles around in some systems. It has an aluminum body and has a SATA power connector on one end. It doesn't have any exposed edges that can prove to be electrically dangerous. From comparing several benchmarking tests we see MX 500 SSD performs really well. It has a read speed of 562 megabytes per second and a write speed of 520 megabytes per second, it is five times faster than a traditional hard disk drive especially when it comes to random data reads since it has no moving parts it's pretty fast. The price of Crucial MX 500 SSD is around 14k 15k Pakistani rupees. All in all, it gives you good features with the price it comes for.

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