Mi Power Bank Price in Pakistan - Latest Aug, 2022 Prices

Mi Power Bank prices start from Rs. 1,550 in Pakistan. Common products available in Pakistan are Xiaomi 5000mah Mi Power Bank, Mi Power Bank 2 20000 Mah, Mi Power Bank 2 10000 Mah, and Mi Power Bank 10000mah.

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Mi Power Bank - Price Summary

Model Price
Xiaomi 5000mah Mi Power Bank Rs. 1,699
Mi Power Bank 2 20000 Mah Rs. 3,899
Mi Power Bank 2 10000 Mah Rs. 2,499
Mi Power Bank 10000mah Rs. 2,650
Mi Power Bank 3 18W 10000mAh Fast Charge Global Edition- Black/Navy Rs. 2,449
Mi Power Bank 3 18W 10000mAh Fast Charge Global Edition- Silver Rs. 2,449
Mi Wireless Power Bank Essential (10000mAh) Rs. 4,699
Mi Wireless Power Bank Essential (10000mAh) Rs. 4,999
Mi Power Bank 3 (10 000 mAh) Rs. 3,699
Mi Power Bank 3 10 000 mAh Rs. 4,499

High-quality and innovative technologies should be accessible to everyone, rather than only staying in the hands of few who can afford it. It is the philosophy of Xiaomi, the parent company of Mi, and it's reflected in the blend of quality, innovation, and affordability in their products such as the Mi Power Bank.

Product Categories

Some major categories within the Power Bank segment of Mi are Mi Power Bank 3, Redmi Power Bank, Wireless Charging Pads, etc.

Mi Power Bank 3

It is a high-end category that offers 10000 mAh and 20000 mAh capacities with a single USB-C input port and multiple output ports consisting of both USB-A and USB-C. Both input and output ports can provide a maximum of 12V/1.5A quick charging when used separately. With such powerful capacity and speed, you can charge anything from Laptops to MacBook to smartphones in quite a reasonable time. However, the simultaneous usage of multiple ports results in slower charging speeds.

Redmi Power Bank

This category also offers 10000 mAh and 20000 mAh battery capacities. They have dual input (Micro-USB and USB-C) and dual output (USB-A) ports. The 10000 mAh Power Bank clocks a maximum of 5V/2.1A input and 5.1V/2.4A output at single-port usage. On the other hand, the 20000 mAh one can clock 12V/1.5A max on both input and output at single-port use.

Wireless Charging Pads

With these specially designed, compact, and light-weight charging pads, you can charge your phones quickly, safely, and wirelessly by simply placing them on this pad. They provide a maximum of 10W power output and have a 4mm transmission distance, so you can also charge your phones while being covered with thin protective casings.

Other Products

Other notable products include the Mi Power Bank 2S with 10000 mAh capacity and a 12V/1.2A max power output and a 3250 mAh torch-shaped Mi Power Bank that can also substitute as a flashlight.

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