Apple Watch Series 7 Price in Pakistan - Latest Apr, 2024 Prices

Apple Watch Series 7 prices start from Rs. 78,499 in Pakistan. Common products available in Pakistan are Apple Watch Series 7 (45mm), Apple Watch Series 7 (41mm) Graphite Stainless Steel, Apple Watch 41mm Series 7 Aluminum Case Band Red (NON Active), and Apple Watch Series 7 (41mm) Blue Alu Abyss Blue Sports Band GPS.

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Apple Watch Series 7 - Price Summary

Model Price
Apple Watch Series 7 (45mm) Rs. 107,000
Apple Watch Series 7 (41mm) Graphite Stainless Steel Rs. 99,999
Apple Watch 41mm Series 7 Aluminum Case Band Red (NON Active) Rs. 78,499
Apple Watch Series 7 (41mm) Blue Alu Abyss Blue Sports Band GPS Rs. 107,999

Apple’s latest watch the Series 7 is an upgraded version of the Apple watch 6. It comes with the feature of an 18-hour battery life with bigger bezels and displays. Moreover, compared to the previous watches, it is a standalone smartwatch. It consists of the same CPU, but it also has health features. The everyday big screen is compatible for daily usage, from the ease of your wrist.

The series covers all the changes that were needed compared to the previous watches, from minor to major ones. Hence, it is considered one of the best smartwatches launched so far. Furthermore, it is durable, which is one of the main concerns in Pakistan because of environmental and rigorous use damages. It is also on the less pricey side, which makes it affordable for people in the country.


Large Screen:

The display of the Apple Watch 7 is bigger and the features will make the users get the experience of a mini iPhone on their wrist. The display is 20% bigger than the series 6 and 50% larger than the Series 3 display. furthermore, the borers of the display are also bigger than before, approximately 40%.

The watch is also easier to use when reading off an angle because the screen is curved, and the edges of the UI are also visible. The watch is also 70% brighter with direct sunlight and it doesn’t look dull.

Health Benefits:

The Apple Watch 7 is a reliable tracker of fitness and among the best running watches. It also monitors the heart rate, counts steps, and tracks mileages based on the GPS. In addition, multiple workout types are also offered. 

Tai Chi is an automatic cycling tracker that can detect whether you’re hopped or enabled a workout. Metrics will also be accommodated with the cycling algorithm, and it is less strenuous compared to regular bikes.

Faster Charging: 

This watch claims to fast charge by at least 33% compared to the Apple Watch 6. However, the catch is to use it with the Magnetic USB-C charger that comes with the watch. Other chargers may not have the same speed of charging.


According to Apple, this series 7 is the most durable watch ever made and it also has a larger display. the glass is resistant to scratches and cracks. 

Retina Display:

The design is fundamental, which gives a larger Retina Display, which is always on.

Water Resistant:

In addition to the durability, the watch is also water resistant. Compared to the Apple Watch 2 series, which has a water resistance of 50 meters under ISO, the 7 series is IP6X dust resistant. Although water resistant too, the link bracelets are not safe from water. serves as a directory/search engine to locate resources on the internet. The company names, product names, product images, and service names on this page are used for identification purposes only. This does not imply any kind of endorsement or affiliation.