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Apple Smart Watches prices start from Rs. 35,000 in Pakistan. Common products available in Pakistan are Apple Smart Watch 42mm Series 2, Apple Watch Series 3 42mm Case Space Gray Aluminum Sport Band GrayApple Watch Series 3 42mm Case Space Gray Aluminum Sport Band Gray, Apple Watch Series 5 44mm Space Gray Aluminum Case with Sport BandApple Watch Series 5 44mm Space Gray Aluminum Case with Sport Band, and Apple Watch Series 5 with Sport Band.

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Apple Watch - Price Summary

Model Price
Apple Smart Watch 42mm Series 2 Rs. 50,999
Apple Watch Series 3 42mm Case Space Gray Aluminum Sport Band GrayApple Watch Series 3 42mm Case Space Gray Aluminum Sport Band Gray Rs. 38,999
Apple Watch Series 5 44mm Space Gray Aluminum Case with Sport BandApple Watch Series 5 44mm Space Gray Aluminum Case with Sport Band Rs. 67,999
Apple Watch Series 5 with Sport Band Rs. 88,599
Apple Watch Nike Series 5 with Sport Loop Band Rs. 88,899
Apple Watch Link Bracelet Band Rs. 76,699
Apple Watch Hermes 40mm Swift Leather Double Tour Rs. 107,099
Apple Watch Hermes Swift Leather Single Tour Rs. 73,999
Apple Watch Hermes 44mm Ebene Leather Single Tour Deployment Buckle Rs. 119,999
Apple Watch Series 3 Rs. 48,599

Each year apple watches raise the bar, adding new features in their technology and improving our lives. Today we are comparing two of Apple's latest smartwatches series 5 and series 6 launched in September 2019 and September 2020 respectively.

Series 5

Apple Watch Series 5 is incredible speculation for the individuals who search for an across the board watch and not simply wellness trackers. Apple watch has an always-on display feature so the watch's face is always on. However, in Series 5 you have the option to see your time without difficulties; you don't need to tap to tap or push a button. A simple wrist raise does the job. Its low-temperature polysilicon and oxide display makes Series 5 much more energy efficient because it alters the display frame rate from 60 HZ (for when the user is most interacting with the watch) to 1Hz (when the watch is idle) making it very energy efficient. This feature is the principle distinction between series 4 and 5. It has 18-hour battery life. You can alter your exercises and have all the information put away in the exercise applications; you can see your exercise measurements without raising your wrist. It likewise has an underlying compass which can also be added to the watch face and a good maps experience similar to how you use them on your phones. Each watch has a global crisis calling services. The cases are worked from 100% reused aluminum. It is accessible in gold, space dark, and in clean tempered steel and furthermore accessible in titanium and earthenware. In the event that you are not one for all the extra flashy features, at that point, it's better to go for series 3 or 4 as opposed to 5 because they have all the core features. Additionally, the application format is befuddling and harder to utilize. To finish up, Apple Watch Series 5 is an incredible choice however contrasted with series 6. It will consistently be out positioned.

Series 6

This year on September fifteenth apple took another large jump forward with their watch series 6. It's an ideal blend of amazing highlights and an impeccable plan. It's one of the most vivid lineups ever. It is available in blue aluminum, refreshed gold stainless steel, grey-black stainless steel, and a dazzling new apple watch in red. It is additionally stuffed with staggering technological innovation including a health sensor that empowers you to gauge your blood oxygen directly from your wrist in only 15 seconds. It also stores occasional background readings and stores them in the health application. In short, it can record your experience estimations on the off chance that you wear it to rest. Inside this series is a 6-generation framework in the bundle. It incorporates a superior dual-core processor similar to one on the iPhone 11 however streamlined for Apple watch. It's up to 20% quicker than the past models. It has a stunningly better panel making it a lot simpler to peruse your watch on a bright day outside. It has a shiny new height which you can see change continuously. A watch face is essential for any savvy. Series 6 has innumerable adjustable watch faces for its clients, including an exemplary watch face with a tachymeter that estimates speed dependent on time traveled over a set separation. Apple in this series presented ties known as solo circles, it has no catch, no clasp no covering parts, it's one persistent piece, its stretchable and accessible in various sizes and hues. This watch with its astonishing highlights outruns every one of its antecedents and at the cost, android watches will have a great deal of rivalry. serves as a directory/search engine to locate resources on the internet. The company names, product names, product images, and service names on this page are used for identification purposes only. This does not imply any kind of endorsement or affiliation.