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Gaming PC Price In Pakistan

There was a time when PC components and peripherals were not readily available in Pakistan. The only option was to buy what was available at that time, and the variety of products was little to none. Fortunately, those days are long gone. If you want to build a gaming PC in Pakistan 2020, you should feel fortunate that you have so many components to pick from.

A lot of partners and retailers are working to bring big names into the Pakistani market. Even warranty claims are slowly but surely becoming more reliable. However, there is still a severe lack of information among Pakistani gamers. It’s important to look into how PC parts work and what type of components you need.

Deciding Your Budget

With that said, these things can get a bit confusing for a lot of people. If you don’t want to get into the nitty-gritty, we’ve completely done the homework for you. Think of this article as a guide to what type of PC you can expect under certain budgets. 

The first thing you need to do is decide on your budget, and think of what you’ll be using the PC for. Gaming PC prices in Pakistan can be quite unpredictable, especially if you try to restrict yourself inside a budget. But, the task isn’t impossible.

To make your life a bit easier, we’ll be looking at four tiers of builds today. Keep in mind that prices are subjected to change, so make sure you double-check that. We’ll look at what Gaming PC prices are currently in Pakistan.

Entry-Level Build

Not everyone’s wallet can take the abuse that an expensive PC rig can bring. That’s perfectly fine, as a lot of people can get by with an entry-level build. Keep in mind that you’ll have to upgrade eventually, but that goes for any build. If you’re looking to achieve 60fps at 1080p, this is a good starting point.

Remember that this build is constructed entirely out of used parts. You can’t properly build a budget PC with all brand new parts. We also wanted to keep the budget under 50 thousand rupees.

Here are all the parts that we are going to be using:

  • CPU – Intel Xeon E3 1240 V2
  • Motherboard – MSI H61
  • RAM – Samsung 8GB DDR3
  • Case – Standard Chassis
  • Storage – 1TB Western Digital Hard Drive
  • PSU – 500W (Brand depends on what you can find)
  • GPU – AMD Radeon RX 580

Processor – Intel Xeon E3 1240 V2

Usually, a Xeon processor would be a very unorthodox pick for a budget gaming PC. They are intended for use in workstation PCs, but this 1240 V2 is a bit different. It can work with most 4th gen motherboards out there, which makes it quite versatile. The processor is good for 1080p gaming, and still has a few years left in it.

For those of you who love numbers, this one has 4 cores and 4 threads. The base clock is 3.4GHz but it can boost up to 3.8GHz. This CPU will cost you around Rs.13,000- Rs.14,000 in the local market.

Motherboard – MSI H61-P33

The motherboard does not matter much in this build as it would in other cases. The MSI H61-P33 pairs perfectly with our Xeon processor. It has two DIMM slots for memory, 1 PCIe x16 slot, two SATA II headers, 4 USB 2.0 ports, and 3 audio ports. It also features a compact micro-ATX form factor. The board will run you anywhere from around Rs. 4,500 to Rs. 5,000.

If you can’t find this particular board, just start hunting for a 4th generation motherboard. None of them have any standout feature over the other. Just look for a readily available one.

RAM – Samsung 8GB DDR3

Nothing fancy here, we’re using good old 8 gigabytes of DDR3 memory. This isn’t the fastest memory around, but our motherboard is only compatible with DDR3. There are various brands available like Samsung, Kingston, and others. Later down the line, we recommend adding another stick of RAM for a smoother experience.

A single stick of 8 gigabytes of memory will cost about Rs. 3,000.

Case – Normal Chassis

Now, this is a bit of a weird one. Usually, you can find a casing, ram, processor, and motherboard combo in the market. This is why we didn’t list any specific product as the case you should use. If you’re curious, a plain PC case like an older Dell or Lenovo chassis costs around Rs. 1,000.


For storage, we’ll be using a 500-gigabyte hard drive from Western Digital. The WD-Blue is easily available and costs Rs. 1,500. You can upgrade to a 1TB hard drive, but that will cost you twice as much. For the sake of our budget, we’re sticking with 500 gigs.

Power Supply – 500W

Power supplies are readily available in the local markets. To be honest, we could get away with a lower wattage PSU, but we’re sticking with 500W just to be safe. A decent 500W power supply will cost you Rs. 2,500 to Rs. 3,000 in the local market. Just remember that these are usually quite old, so just know what you’re getting for the money.

Graphics Card – AMD Radeon RX 580

We haven’t seen any other GPU succeed as much as the RX 580, especially in Pakistan. This is one of the best budget graphics cards in Pakistan. Even though the price has gone up by a bit, it’s still a great buy for anywhere between Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 28,000. If you’re going to spend above that, just get an Nvidia GTX 1650 Super for around Rs. 35,000.

The 580 performs quite well in 1080p even today. If you mostly play eSports titles like CS: GO, you can still push 144 fps with this card easily. In newer single-player games, it does start to show its age.

Well, that’s the entire entry-level build. The estimated cost for this one is around Rs. 50000 to Rs. 55000, depending on the prices you get. Rest assured, this is a capable rig.

Entry-Level Gaming PC Price In Pakistan

In our opinion, this is a safe collection of components that you can get for an entry-level build. You will be able to play most games at 1080p, at a combination of medium to high settings. However, this PC could start to show its age with next-gen games. The price for an entry-level gaming PC in Pakistan would be about Rs. 50,000.

Bang For Your Buck Build

Surprisingly, a mid-range build is very difficult to configure properly in Pakistan. This is not because of a lack of pasts, but quite the opposite. There are so many options to pick from that it’s hard to decide what’s worth buying in the end. It was also a bit difficult to figure out the exact budget for this one.

In the end, we decided to stick under Rs. 100,000. This might seem high to some for a mid-range build, but you can swap some parts out for used ones and get the price down to Rs. 80,000. Of course, this depends on how many corners you’re willing to cut.

If you end up building the same rig as we’ve got here, you’ll be quite pleased with yourself. Not only can this build handle high refresh rate 1080p gaming, but it is also great for productivity tasks like video editing.

Here are all the parts we are going to be using in this build:

  • CPU – AMD Ryzen 5 2600
  • Motherboard – Gigabyte A520M S2H
  • RAM – G.Skill Aegis 8GB DDR4
  • Case – Standard Chassis
  • Storage – 500GB Hard Drive + 128GB Patriot P210 SSD
  • PSU – Thermaltake Smart RGB 600W
  • GPU – Nvidia Geforce GTX 1660

Processor – Ryzen 5 2600

At the heart of this build sits the excellent Ryzen 5 2600. AMD has given Intel a run for their money this time around, and while Zen 2 is leaps and bounds ahead, the R5 2600 is still quite capable. It has six cores and twelve threads, along with a boost clock of 3.4GHz. It can turbo up to 3.9GHz.

Not only is this processor great for gaming, but it’s even better at rendering and multi-core tasks. A new chip will cost you anywhere from Rs. 22000 to Rs. 24000.

Motherboard – Gigabyte A520M S2H

This isn’t exactly the go-to motherboard for us. Normally, we would recommend buying a B450 S2H or DS3H, as they are cheaper and have a better chipset. However, both of those boards are hard to find these days, and if you do find one, it’ll be too expensive to make it worth buying.

This is why the Gigabyte A520M S2H is a great option. It has two DIMM slots and even an M.2 slot. Furthermore, it has support for Ryzen 5000 processors down the line. This board costs Rs. 15,000 right now.

RAM – G.Skill Aegis 8GB DDR4

AMD purists will tell you that you need to pair Ryzen processors with dual-channel memory. Well, we’re not one to argue, but that’s not always possible on a budget. A couple of months ago, we could have squeezed 16 gigs of RAM in here. However, that’s not possible with today’s climate. 

The Aegis is rated at 3200MHz and costs Rs. 6,100 for a single stick. It’s one of the cheaper modules out there, so you can upgrade anytime you want.

Storage – 500GB HDD + 128GB SSD

Combining a fast SSD for the boot drive and a hard drive for mass storage is a wise choice. If you need more storage, consider bumping up the hard drive to a terabyte. We’re using the same 500 gigs WD Blue hard drive in this build as well.  As for the SSD, the Patriot P210 128gb is a great pick.

The hard drive will cost you Rs. 1500, while the SSD will cost you Rs. 3800.

Power Supply – Thermaltake Smart RGB 600W

Despite what some of you might think, we did not include this power supply just for the RGB. It is an 80+ White certified unit and has a max power output of 600W. While it costs less than a new bronze unit would, it is just as efficient. We would have preferred a semi-modular PSU, but that would be out of our budget. 

Case – Corsair Carbide Spec 04

The Corsair Carbide Spec 04 is by no means the highest-end case out there in the market. However, it looks great for the price, and for Rs. 8000 we can’t complain much here. The front of this case can house a full 360mm radiator if you remove the hard drive cage. If you don’t want to remove it, you can still mount a 240mm radiator. 

If you’re not a fan of the design you can go with the Spec 05 or Spec Delta-RGB. Both of those are also great options and only cost a bit more.

Graphics Card – Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660

This was quite a difficult choice. We wanted to say that you can just buy a used RX 580, put in this rig, and call it a day. However, we feel the RX 580 will age quickly considering next-gen games are getting closer and closer. The GTX 1660 is a much better option and will last longer.

This GPU has 6 gigabytes of GDDR5 memory and a base clock of 1530MHz. It can boost up to 1785MHz, and even higher in the case of some vendors. It’s a very capable card and costs around Rs. 40,000. However, grab it quick as it does go out of stock quite frequently.

That’s our version of a very capable mid-range build in Pakistan. Of course, you can downgrade the CPU and upgrade the GPU if you care only about gaming performance. However, this rig is much more future proof and versatile.

Mid-Range Gaming PC Price In Pakistan

This is the sweet spot which most PC gamers in Pakistan will prefer. It isn’t going to cost you an arm and a leg but is still a very capable machine. Expect to play most games at 1080p on high settings, while some Esports titles can be played at 1440p. The price for this mid-range gaming PC in Pakistan is under Rs. 100,000.

Mid – High-End Build

The mid to high-end area is where a lot of enthusiastic gamers and even casual like to build their rigs. While the above build is great for current-gen games and will last a couple of years, this mid-high end build is another beast entirely. If you are someone who wants to stop worrying about your PC for the next couple of years, this is the way to go.

For this build, we tried to stick to a budget of under 150k. However, if you’re spending this much you might want to add a personal touch to your build. You can go with a different case, RGB fans, and even custom cables that are to your liking. But be careful, as people tend to overspend the most in this range of PC builds.

Here are all the parts that we are going to be using:

  • CPU – AMD Ryzen 5 3600
  • Motherboard – MSI B450 Tomahawk Max
  • RAM – 16GB DDR4 Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro
  • Storage – 1TB Hard Drive + 480GB ADATA SU630
  • Power Supply – Thermaltake Smart RGB 600W
  • Case – Cougar MX330-G
  • GPU – Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Super

Processor – Ryzen 5 3600

We’re sticking with the Ryzen 5 3600 for this build. It’s a great processor for gaming and productivity and comes in at an affordable price. With six cores and twelve threads, this powerhouse can handle most of what you’ll want to throw at it. It can even boost up to 3.9GHz.

This CPU will cost you around Rs. 35,000 to Rs. 37,000. However, you can often find it for much lower, so be on the lookout.

Motherboard – MSI B450 Tomahawk Max

The MSI B450 Tomahawk is one of the most popular Zen 2 motherboards on the market. Many mid-tier and even high-end builds use this great board. It supports Ryzen 3000 out of the box and has support for the upcoming 5000 series as well. With gigabit ethernet, four DIMM slots, and USB 3.2 Gen2 ports, this is your usual premium B450 board.

The board will cost you around Rs. 25,000. However, many sellers may bundle this with a Ryzen 5 3600, which does lower the barrier to entry by a small margin.

RAM – 16GB DDR4 Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro

With Ryzen, you’ll want to stick with dual-channel memory for better performance. Furthermore, if you can find a pair with a frequency of above 3000MHz, that would be even better. The Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB kit looks excellent and is available in 3000MHz, 3200MHz, and higher frequencies. It’s the perfect match for our Ryzen 5 3600.

Oftentimes these Corsair modules can be found for cheaper than G.skill Trident Z sticks. You can find them for Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 17,000 depending on the seller.

Storage – 1TB HDD + 500GB SSD

As usual, we are going to use a 1TB hard drive for mass storage in this game. This will cost us around Rs. 3000 for a used drive or Rs. 7000 for a new one. As for storage, we decided to go for a 480GB ADATA SU630. This is a speedy drive that will hold our OS and a few important games. It costs around Rs. 10,000. If you have the budget, we can squeeze a 500GB M.2 NVMe drive. It will cost approximately a thousand or two more than our SATA SSD. 

Power Supply – Thermaltake Smart RGB 600W

The Thermaltake Smart RGB is efficient enough that it can handle a rig even more powerful than this one. That’s why we decided to leave it in this build. It costs Rs. 9,700. You can go with a higher spec PSU but that will cost you Rs. 11,000 – Rs. 12,000.

Case – Cougar MX330-G

The MX330-G is an excellent mid-tower case. It is taller than most cases, but in terms of width, it is slimmer. This gives it a sleek and stylish look. It is minimalistic and the mesh front looks great. However, it doesn’t have support for a 360mm radiator anywhere, so keep that in mind. The case will cost Rs. 10,000 and it’s an excellent value for that price. 

Graphics Card – Nvidia Geforce GTX 1660 Super

Think of the GTX 1660 Super as the bigger brother to the GTX 1660. The 1660 Super costs about Rs. 48,000 or more, depending on the vendor. However, it brings a lot of performance to the table. We’d say this is the best GPU out of the 1660 lineup. The 1660Ti is barely more powerful, but costs considerably more. 

This card is great for high-refresh-rate gaming. However, if you want to push your system to the max at 1440p, an upgrade might be due. Try to find an RTX 2060 or AMD Radeon 5700XT for that purpose. Just remember that an upgrade like that will drive up the cost of the build by a long margin.

Mid/High-End Gaming PC Price In Pakistan

If you are after raw performance, this is the PC build to go for. The combination of the Ryzen 5 3600 and the GTX 1660 Super is perfect for both gaming and productivity. If you want, you can swap out the GPU for an RTX 2060 or RX 5700XT for better performance at 1440p. The price for a mid/high-end gaming PC is about Rs. 150,000.

High-End Build

For the high-end build, it’s easy for us to go all out and just buy the most premium components available. That was the plan initially, but then we thought if a person like that would read a build guide in the first place. So this one is for the folks who want the best possible performance, yet want to avoid overspending.

Keep in mind that we tried to keep this build under 250k. However, you can go well above that if you want a beefy cooler, a prettier case, or even a better PSU. With that said, let’s have a quick look. 

Here are the parts that we are going to be using for this build:

  • CPU – AMD Ryzen 5 3600
  • CPU Cooler – CoolerMaster ML360L RGB
  • Motherboard – MSI B450 Tomahawk Max
  • RAM – 16GB DDR4 Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro
  • Storage – Kingston A2000 500GB M.2 SSD + 1TB Hard Drive
  • Power Supply – CoolerMaster MWE 750W Gold
  • Case – Thermaltake H550TG
  • GPU – Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 or RTX 3080

Processor – Ryzen 5 3600

Look, it’s easy for us to tell you to go buy a Ryzen 5 3700X or even wait for Zen 3. However, benchmarks show that the Ryzen 5 3600 is perfectly capable when paired with an RTX 3080 or even a 3090. If gaming is our only concern, this is the perfect value for most people. A 3700X will cost you about Rs. 60,000. 

In our opinion, if you aren’t doing any CPU intensive productivity tasks, the 3600 is a better purchase for about Rs. 35,000.

CPU Cooler – CoolerMaster ML360L RGB

We haven’t recommended a CPU cooler till now because Ryzen processors come with decent enough coolers in the box. However, if you have this kind of budget and want to push the 3600, this is a great choice. The ML360L RGB is a closed-loop liquid cooler that looks great and performs exceptionally well. It will cost you around Rs. 20,000.

This will make our build budget go a bit higher. So if you want, you can skip this one and go with a cheaper air cooler like a Hyper 212. 

Motherboard – B450 Tomahawk Max

As we said before, the B450 Tomahawk Max is one of the best Zen 2 motherboards on the market. You can go with a B550 or X570 if you want, but it’s just not worth it for the prices in Pakistan. The B450 Tomahawk Max has beefy VRMs and incredible power delivery. As such, it can handle some overclocking as well. This board costs Rs. 23,000 – Rs, 25,000. 

RAM – 16GB DDR4 Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro

This was another easy pick for us. You can go with 32 gigs or even 64 gigs if your workload requires it. However, it will drive up the price significantly. 16GB of this fast 3200MHz RAM is more than enough for gaming. It also helps that it looks pretty good. 

Storage – 500GB SSD + 1TB HDD

Once again, we’re sticking with a terabyte of hard disk space for mass media storage. For the SSD we’d recommend you go with a PCIe NVMe M.2 one for this build. It’s much faster than SATA and isn’t as expensive as you might think. The Kingston A2000 is an excellent 512GB NVMe drive that costs Rs. 11,500. If you want to save some money, you can with an ADATA drive for Rs. 10,000.

Power Supply – Coolermaster MWE 750W Gold Fully Modular

This is without a doubt one of the best power supplies you can get in Pakistan. It is 80+ Gold certified, fully modular, and has 750 watts of efficient power delivery. What’s not to like? It uses Japanese capacitors and fully modular flat style cables. 

However, it does cost more than Rs. 20,000. If you want to save money, stick with the Smart RGB 600W we recommended previously.

Case – Thermaltake H550 TG

The Thermaltake H550 TG is a gorgeous PC case. It is really easy to build a good looking computer inside of a case like this. The front shows off a preinstalled ARGB strip, and there’s even a 120mm ARGB fan included in the rear. Furthermore, it has support for vertical GPU layout. On top of that, it has magnetic dust filters and support for a 360mm radiator at the front.

GPU – Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 or RTX 3080

Well, this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. The new RTX 3000 GPUs give us a generational jump in performance, unlike anything we’ve seen in a long time. Both of these GPUs are a great option for high-end gaming. If you want to game at 1440p, go with 3070. However, if you want to game at 4K and want some futureproofing, look into the RTX 3080.

Both of these are great options, and you can go either way. As for the 3090, well we feel it’s a bit overkill for most folks. The RTX 3070 will cost about Rs. 100,000 and the RTX 3080 will cost about Rs. 150,000.

High-End Gaming PC Price In Pakistan

Let’s set the record straight. This isn’t exactly the highest configuration you can go with for a gaming PC in Pakistan. You can get a processor, go all out with liquid cooling, or even go with the highest graphics card i.e. RTX 3090. With that said, we feel like this is the perfect balance of raw power, performance, and value. A high-end gaming PC in Pakistan will cost around Rs. 250,000.

Gaming PC Estimated Price

Entry-Level Gaming PCRs. 50,000
Mid-Range Gaming PCRs. 100,000
Mid/High-End Gaming PCRs. 150,000 – Rs. 200,000
High-End GamingRs. 250,000 – Rs. 300,000

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Written by Asad Khan

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