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Pakistani Stores x Telemart Partnership: Laying Foundation for Data-Driven eCommerce

We here at Pakistani Stores are proud to announce that we have signed a partnership with Telemart. This agreement will go a long way in helping the e-commerce industry in Pakistan grow into something special.

Pakistani Stores has been in talks with Telemart for a while now. We are proud to announce that we have reached a mutual agreement after a few insightful discussions. You already know that we are one of the top companies that provide a cohesive data-driven experience in Pakistan. Telemart is also similar in that regard, as it is one of the biggest online retail platforms.

However, it’s not all about us. Keep in mind that this is a major win for you, the consumers. Some of you might be aware that Telemart is a popular retail site, and a frequently visited one. A partnership with Pakistani Stores will benefit them quite a bit. The end-goals align for both of the companies.

We want users to easily find the products they need, and for that we need to provide an accessible platform. Hopefully, this partnership will go a long way in helping that dream come into fruition. We want our consumers to have access to better pricing, exclusive discounts, and a personalized shopping experience.

You don’t have to feel like a stranger in a faraway land every time you shop. With the help of this partnership, you’ll be able to find the products you need at competitive rates. Of course, all of that will come from hundreds of reliable websites. So, how does Telemart come into play here?

Telemart does not need to worry about its competitors any more. After all, it’s the customers you want to impress first. Well, with the insight, data, and analytics provided by Pakistani Stores, they can do just that. Telemart might not be alone in the game, but this partnership will help them excel in the longer-term plan.

We realize that consumers are frustrated with a lackluster e-commerce experience in Pakistan. Hopefully, we can fix that. Pakistan has over 84.4 million 3G/4G connections. Yet, less than one percent of retail sales are processed online. We have massive potential to grow into something big. Just look at our neighbors, both India and China, who are doing great with online retail stores. That just means that we shouldn’t settle for less either.

A Bit More About Telemart

We’re quite positive that most of our readers and customers have heard of Telemart before. In the past few years, the website has grown to become one of the best e-commerce stores in Pakistan. Telemart has a large catalog of over 150,000 products on their own website. Their user-friendly site and customer support go a long way in showing their dedication. While most people are aware of their online presence already, they have physical stores in 7 major cities. We are very excited to work with them, and we hope the results will leave our consumers satisfied.

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