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Top Smart TV Brands in Pakistan

The best brands for Smart TVs in Pakistan


Smart LED TVs (or Smart TVs for short) are the future. Almost every household has now moved on from traditional LED TVs that supported Digital Cable TV and traditional TV Cable to now owning Smart TVs that can access the power of the internet. A Smart TV can simply be described as a TV that can connect to the internet (over Wi-Fi or otherwise) and supports installing apps (much like your smartphone does).

The benefits of owning a Smart TV therefore are immense including streaming content directly from the internet, browsing the web, or even playing games on the internet (without needing a PC or gaming console). However, not all Smart TVs are made equal and while the premium LED TVs support a wide range of apps, others are not as powerful or versatile. Additionally, you can argue that Smart TV interfaces are not all intuitive, particularly those that are not based on Android or other popular platforms. So, with all the options for Smart TVs out there, how do you choose the right one for your home or office?

A point to note here is that each brand offers its own version of the Smart TV that comes with different apps, different content, different navigation styles, and of course, a vastly different user interface. The rule of thumb here is that if you like or prefer the Smart TV interface/apps of one brand then you should stick to that brand/category in general. So, to help you decide which Smart TV is most suitable for you, we have put together a list of the top Smart TV brands in Pakistan.

Samsung: Tizen OS

Samsung is inarguably one of the world leaders in electronics and it is no different with Smart TVs. The Smart TV platform by Samsung is known as Smart Hub and it is one of the most comprehensive, if not the best, platforms out there. The Smart TVs by Samsung are based on the Tizen operating system. It features a neat and decluttered user interface that shows all applications docked on the bottom along with all the settings and modes for the Smart TV. The navigation is quite simple and intuitive, though the keyboard could use a few new features (such as better predictions or auto-complete). Other than this, Samsung provides great support for the entire range of apps for Smart TVs including YouTube, YouTube Kids, Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Now.

Sony: Android TV

Sony is known for its exceptional quality in electronics, particularly when it comes to displays, cameras, and sound systems. In fact, if Samsung is the king of electronics then Sony is arguably the king of home entertainment. This applies to Sony Smart TVs as well that are based on the Android TV operating system. The interface of Sony Smart TVs is quite pleasing though it is not as minimalistic as Samsung’s. Depending on what your preference is, Sony displays an entire menu for apps divided into sections (much like how we are used to on our tablets and smartphones) with all the settings and modes laid out on the top of the interface. The support for applications is fantastic since Sony Smart TV is based on Android TV, it can work with all apps available on the Google Playstore. Other features such as keyboard, web browsing, and customizations are pretty neat too. Overall, Sony Smart TVs have one of the best Smart TV capabilities out there and this is what makes Sony a top Smart TV brand in Pakistan.

LG: webOS

LG is a South Korean electronics manufacturer that comes next only to Samsung and Sony when it comes to quality. For its Smart TVs, LG makes use of its own LG webOS which features an aesthetically pleasing and minimalistic user interface. All LG Smart TVs feature an application palette on the bottom of the screen, displayed as tilted tiles with options to bookmark your favorite channels for quick access. Other settings and modes are available on the top right of the display. The app support is not as good as that of Android TV or even Tizen OS for that matter but the platform is steadily growing and it does support the most major streaming services including YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and Google Play. If an intuitive and pleasing interface is your priority then we recommend you get your hands on one of the smart TVs by LG.

TCL: Roku TV

TCL is a Chinese electronics manufacturer that has made quite a name for itself recently. Known for its excellent value for money, particularly in LED TVs, TCL has Smart TVs on offer from as little as 27000/- PKR. TCL makes use of Roku TV for its Smart TV (it used to feature Android TV in the past but has moved on since then). The Smart TV interface by Roku TV is similar to the one on Android since it features a menu for apps and options/modes on the top. However, it does have a navigation menu that pops up from the side, which takes a note from Samsung’s Tizen OS. The interface is not as user-friendly as that of Samsung or LG, but it’s not a massive learning curve either. Though the primary concern with TCL Smart TVs has been the performance since it tends to lag, particularly when streaming high-resolution content. The app support is good since Roku TV supports all popular streaming services out-of-the-box and you can install apps of your own choice, as well. All in all, the Smart TV interface itself from TCL might not be the best but its features match those offered by the giants in the industry and this makes TCL one of the best smart TV brands in Pakistan.

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