NasGas SEM-150 Semi Instant Electric Geyser Price

  -   Rs. 21,559

The Lowest price of NasGas SEM-150 Semi Instant Electric Geyser in Pakistan is Rs. 21,559, and the estimated average price is Rs. 22,531. Previously the price was Rs. 21,600 in February, approximately a 1% decrease. Latest Mar 2024 price from tracked on major eCommerce stores all across Pakistan.

Nasgas Geyser prices have gone down 1% in the last 30 days. NasGas SEM-150 Semi Instant Electric Geyser is widely available online.

  • Capacity : 15 L
  • Energy Type: Electric

The Nasgas SEM-150 geyser stands out as a robust heating appliance with a maximum power of 2000 watts, ensuring efficient water heating. Operating at 220 volts, it maintains a reliable performance to meet the demands of daily household use. Having water capacity of 15 liters per minute, the geyser ensures a steady supply of hot water for a comfortable and convenient experience. Safety is a top priority for the Nasgas SEM-150, evident in its thoughtful design and protective mechanisms. The geyser incorporates dry heating protection, triggered at 85°C, guarding against potential hazards associated with excessive temperatures. The unit also features over-heating protection, offering an extra layer of safety assurance. The inclusion of earthing protection and a safety valve set at 0.8Mpa further underscores the commitment to user well-being, making this geyser a reliable and secure choice for households. Crafted with durability in mind, the Nasgas SEM-150 boasts a plastic body design, ensuring resistance to corrosion and enhancing the overall longevity of the appliance. This not only contributes to the geyser's lifespan but also reflects the manufacturer's dedication to providing a quality and lasting solution for heating water. With its blend of performance, safety features, and robust construction.

Price Changes

Date Lowest Price
Feb 2024 Rs. 21,600
Feb 2024 Rs. 21,279
Feb 2024 Rs. 21,559
Feb 2024 Rs. 21,600
Mar 2024 Rs. 21,559
Mar 2024 Rs. 21,559