Nasgas Geyser Price in Pakistan - Latest Jul, 2024 Prices

Nasgas Geyser prices start from Rs. 16,400 in Pakistan. Nasgas prices have gone down 1% online in the last 30 days. Common products available in Pakistan are NasGas SEM-100 Semi Instant Electric Heater, NasGas SEM-120 Electric Water Heater, Nasgas DG-6L Instant Geyser 6 Liter, and Nasgas De-12 Electric Geyser 12 Gallon.

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Nasgas Geyser - Price Summary

Model Price
NasGas SEM-100 Semi Instant Electric Heater Rs. 16,400
NasGas SEM-120 Electric Water Heater Rs. 19,899
Nasgas DG-6L Instant Geyser 6 Liter Rs. 19,900
Nasgas De-12 Electric Geyser 12 Gallon Rs. 21,499
NasGas SEM-200 Instant Electric Geyser Rs. 21,500
NasGas SEM-150 Semi Instant Electric Geyser Rs. 21,999
Nasgas DG-99 Instant Water Heater Rs. 25,999
Nasgas DG-7L Instant Geyser 7 Liter Rs. 28,600

North Appliances Services Private Limited (Nasgas) is a Pakistani brand, established in 1952. Nasgas provides the highest possible quality to its customers and also responsible to maintain the highest standards of environmental management. It provides a healthy and safe environment. Nasgas Home Appliances are the most efficient and reliable. Nasgas offers a wide range of home appliances which include Gas Cooking Ranges, Gas Stoves, Gas instant and storage geysers, etc.

Types Of Nasgas Geysers:

There are three types of geysers that Nasgas offers. 

1.    Nasgas Storage Water Geysers:

Nasgas Storage Water Geysers can warm up water and also can store hot water for after use. Nowadays, Storage Water Heaters of Nasgas are available in 3 models. One model is only gas-based and the other two are both gas and electric based. These geysers have galvanized tanks which prevents them from rusting. Nasgas uses ultraviolet resistant paint so that outside weather doesn`t matter.

Nasgas Storage Gas Water Geysers: Nasgas Storage Gas Water Geysers are available with the option of  35 gallons or 55 gallons. This type of water geysers have burners that fire up with gas and store hot water for a long time that can be used whenever it is needed.

Nasgas Storage Electric Water Geysers: Nasgas Storage electric Geysers use electricity to warm up water without any usage of gas. Electric geysers are useful in winters when there is load shedding of gas in Pakistan.

Nasgas Storage Electric-Gas Water Geysers: Nasgas Storage Electric-Gas Water Geysers are those water heaters that can make water hot by using gas or electricity as needed. These geysers provide one with hot water whenever gas is not available.

2.    Nasgas Instant Water Geysers:

Nasgas Instant Water Geysers are used to warm up unlimited water in no time. These water heaters are very convenient as they fire up whenever you turn the tap. The movement of water in these geysers fires up the burners in them. These water heaters are energy efficient and save energy by up to 40%. They are built with a heat capacity of 7 liters with a 99.9% pure copper heat exchanger and digital temperature display. Nasgas also offers two types of instant water geysers that include:

  • Nasgas Instant Electric Water Geysers
  • Nasgas Instant Gas Water Geysers

3.    Nasgas Semi-Instant Electric Water Geysers:

Nasgas Semi-Instant Electric Water Geyser is a whirl flow technology for maximum energy saving and faster heating. The magnesium anode rod is used in these geysers to prevent corrosion. These geysers have special enamel coated tanks with enameled inlet/outlet. serves as a directory/search engine to locate resources on the internet. The company names, product names, product images, and service names on this page are used for identification purposes only. This does not imply any kind of endorsement or affiliation.