Boss Geyser Price in Pakistan - Latest Sep, 2020 Prices

Latest Boss prices start from Rs. 7,999. Common models available in Pakistan are Boss 10L Electric Water Geyser, Boss Electric Instant Geyser Supreme White (KE-SIE-15-CL), Boss Electric Instant Geyser KE-SIE-10-CL and Boss Electric Instant Geyser (KE-SIE-10-CL New).

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Boss Geyser Price in Pakistan - Latest Prices

Model Price
Boss 10L Electric Water Geyser Rs. 7,999
Boss Electric Instant Geyser Supreme White (KE-SIE-15-CL) Rs. 15,960
Boss Electric Instant Geyser KE-SIE-10-CL Rs. 14,775
Boss Electric Instant Geyser (KE-SIE-10-CL New) Rs. 14,648
Boss Electric Instant Tankless Geyser (KE-SIE-25-CL-Supreme) Rs. 17,483
Boss Electric Instant Geyser (KE-SIE-10-CL-Supreme) Rs. 13,073
Boss KE-SIE-10CL Electric Instant Geyser Rs. 14,450
Boss KE-SIE-15-CL Electric Instant Geyser Supreme White Rs. 16,200
Boss 15 L Instant Electric Water Geyser - KE-SIE-15CL - Supreme Rs. 15,999
Boss 25 L Instant Electric Water Geyser - KE-SIE-25CL - Supreme Rs. 17,999

Boss is a Pakistani brand, well known in the field of home appliances manufacturing. Established in 1991, it is now capturing the international market because of its high-quality products. It offers a variety of home appliances including washing machines, air coolers, geysers, microwave ovens, electric irons, and small kitchen appliances.

Boss offers a wide range of water heaters that are of high quality, affordable and reliable. 

Types of Boss Geysers:

Boss geysers are divided into two types: gas Instant geyser and electric instant geyser.

Boss Gas instant Geyser:

This type of Boss geysers comes with features of a protection system for fire collapse, durable and strong magnesium filament, overheat control, defense against dry heating, overpressure defense, valve security, and protection system over water temperature. These geysers are electricity efficient and effective. They also have a glass-lined tank and super insolation layer. These geysers can also be started at low pressure. The tub is covered with pigment making it rust-proof providing clean and healthy water whenever you want. Hence, Boss Instant gas geysers are one of the best geysers available in the market today.

Boss Electric Instant Geyser:

Boss electric instant geysers can warm up to 50 liters of water at a time. They are very small in size so they can be fitted anywhere in the house or office. They have thermal sensors that help in maintaining the temperature of the device. These geysers consume very less space and the IC ignition system starts up automatically. Therefore, when the tap is opened, these geysers will automatically start to heat up water. Moreover, the inner tank of Boss electric instant geysers is enamel coated making it rust-proof. So you will enjoy clean water every time. These geysers have built-in systems that protect them from overheating. Beside all these features, these geysers are quite affordable and easily available all over Pakistan. So, Boss electric geysers are one of the best geysers to consider due to their efficiency and reasonable price. serves as a directory/search engine to locate resources on the internet. The company names, product names, product images, and service names on this page are used for identification purposes only. This does not imply any kind of endorsement or affiliation.