Boss 15CL Instant Electric Geyser Price

  -   Rs. 26,500

The Lowest price of Boss 15CL Instant Electric Geyser in Pakistan is Rs. 26,500, and the estimated average price is Rs. 27,750. Previously the price was Rs. 25,000 in February, approximately a 5% increase. Latest Jun 2024 price from tracked on major eCommerce stores all across Pakistan.

  • Capacity : 15 L
  • Energy Type: Electric

BOSS’s Electric Instant Electric Geyser 15CL are a revolutionary solution for anyone seeking energy-efficient and cost-effective hot water provision. These appliances are designed to deliver instant hot water to showers, sinks, or even entire properties with unparalleled efficiency. The 2KW wattage and 220V~50Hz voltage specifications ensure optimal performance, while the enameled-coated steel inner tank with a 15-liter capacity stands as a testament to the product's durability. One of BOSS's standout features is its commitment to reducing energy bills by heating only the necessary amount of water. This eco-conscious approach makes these water heaters an ideal choice for households and businesses worldwide. The Automatic IC Ignition System and Over Heating Safety Device also don’t hurt, providing a valid sense of safety as well as what you could call unparalleled functionality in its range. This product caters to diverse water pressure needs, ranging from a minimum of 0.01 Mpa to a maximum of 0.0 Mpa, ensuring versatility for various settings. Convenience meets affordability with this BOSS geyser. With BOSS, customers can embrace a modern, energy-efficient solution for their hot water needs, contributing to both comfort and sustainability in their homes or businesses.

Price Changes

Date Lowest Price
Feb 2024 Rs. 25,500
Feb 2024 Rs. 25,000
Feb 2024 Rs. 26,000
Feb 2024 Rs. 25,000
Feb 2024 Rs. 26,500
Jun 2024 Rs. 26,500