Boss 50CL Instant Electric Geyser Price

  -   Rs. 35,000

The Lowest price of Boss 50CL Instant Electric Geyser in Pakistan is Rs. 35,000, and the estimated average price is Rs. 35,499.

  • Capacity : 50 L
  • Engine Type : Electric

The Boss Instant Electric Geyser 50CL stands out as an exceptional solution for meeting your hot water requirements. Having a combination of efficiency, reliability, and convenience, this state-of-the-art geyser is a valuable addition to any home. Its sleek design and robust stainless steel construction not only ensure durability but also add a touch of sophistication to your bathroom decor, making it a stylish and practical choice. Equipped with a power consumption of 2000W and a voltage of 230V, this geyser operates with swift precision to deliver hot water when you need it. The coated steel inner tank, with a substantial capacity of 40L, guarantees a consistent and reliable supply of heated water. The vertical mounting design optimizes space, emphasizing practicality in installation. The automatic IC ignition system and over-heating safety device further contribute to the geyser's user-friendly features. This geyser strikes a balance between sturdiness and practicality. The water pressure ensures adaptability to various water supply conditions, providing flexibility for different households. Elevate your home's hot water experience with the Boss Semi Instant Electric Geyser, a reliable, efficient, and visually appealing choice that caters to the modern homeowner's needs.

Boss 50CL Instant Electric Geyser Price in Pakistan

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