Canon Geyser Price in Pakistan - Latest Apr, 2024 Prices

Canon Geyser prices start from Rs. 19,999 in Pakistan. Common products available in Pakistan are Canon 16DD Instant Water Heater, Canon EWH-15LCM ELectric Geyser, Canon Electric Instant Geyser (Water Heater) 10 Litre - Top Fibre - White, and Canon Instant Geyser INS-600p DUAL.

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Canon Geyser - Price Summary

Model Price
Canon 16DD Instant Water Heater Rs. 23,000
Canon EWH-15LCM ELectric Geyser Rs. 27,499
Canon Electric Instant Geyser (Water Heater) 10 Litre - Top Fibre - White Rs. 23,499
Canon Instant Geyser INS-600p DUAL Rs. 19,999
Canon EWH-15LCF Fast ELectric Geyser 15 Liters Rs. 27,999
Canon EWH-25LCF Fast ELectric Geyser 25 Liters Rs. 33,499
Canon Electric Geyser 30 Liters Metallic Body Round Shape Water Heater Imported Thermostat with 2 Years Brand Warranty Rs. 25,900
Canon Electric Geyser 40 Liters Metallic Body Round Shape Water Heater Imported Thermostat with 2 Years Brand Warranty Rs. 26,900
Canon Fast Storage Electric Water Geyser 15 Liters 15LCF Rs. 26,500
Canon Fast Storage Electric Water Geyser 10LCF Rs. 22,000

Canon is a Pakistani brand, founded in 1972, and renowned for its home appliances products. It has grown into a trustworthy organization providing high-quality and affordable products. Canon offers a variety of home appliances including microwave ovens, room heaters, room coolers, water heaters, Tandoors (Asian-style bread makers), cooking ranges, and more. Canon has always come up with new and advanced technologies in making water heaters. It offers a wide range of geysers or water heaters including gas and electric geysers.

Types of Canon Geysers:

There are two main types of Canon geysers.

1. Canon Storage Geysers:

Canon storage geysers are further divided into three types.

Gas-powered Storage Geysers: This type of Canon geysers includes old-style heavy-duty geysers that heat water and store it in a tank. They are available in different colors and different storage capacities ranging from 12 to 55 gallons. These geysers can be installed outdoors or on the rooftop as they are big.

Electric Storage Geysers: These geysers use electricity to warm up water and store it in a tank ready to use. These geysers have a storage tank that is heated with the help of electricity making the water hot.

Twin Gas and Electric Storage Geysers: These geysers can be operated on both electricity and gas. These geysers are helpful in Pakistan because the gas level usually drops during winter so, at this time, electricity comes in the role and heats the water when needed.

2. Canon Instant Geysers:

Based on power sources, these geysers are further divided into two types: Gas instant geysers and Electric instant geysers.

Gas Instant Geysers: Canon gas instant geyser features a 12 L capacity, Aluminium body, Ultra-low water pressure ignition system, low power consumption, and flames-out safety. This geyser uses gas and heats water in no time. The Canon LPG Instant Geyser

The Canon LPG instant geyser stands as a pinnacle of innovation, integrating a host of features that ensure both efficiency and safety. Boasting a 2-in-1 function for automatic ignition powered by both an adapter and battery, this water heater sets a new standard for user-friendly operation. The inclusion of a Flame Failure Safety Device further elevates its safety profile, automatically shutting off the gas supply in the event of extinguished flames.

Designed to excel even under low-pressure conditions, the Canon LPG geyser is a versatile solution for various water supply scenarios. Its Over Water Temperature Safety Device takes user safety to another level by preventing water from reaching potentially hazardous temperatures. 

The Canon LPG geyser goes beyond the basics with its Pressure Release Valve and Drain Valve, intelligently integrated into a combined system. This enhances the overall durability and longevity of the appliance. Canon's commitment to quality shines through, making this instant water heater a reliable choice for those seeking efficient, safe, and long-lasting water heating solutions. Whether adapting to varying water pressures or ensuring precise temperature control, the Canon LPG instant geyser proves itself as a technologically advanced and dependable option in the area of water heating appliances.

Electric Instant geysers: These geysers from Canon use electricity and heat up water instantly providing clean hot water as you want. They are small in size so you can install them anywhere you like. serves as a directory/search engine to locate resources on the internet. The company names, product names, product images, and service names on this page are used for identification purposes only. This does not imply any kind of endorsement or affiliation.