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Diana of London has been working to provide a wide range of cosmetics, selfcare as well as beauty products for over 25 years. It operates under the Maxcare company that was founded back in 1991. Initially working as a local company, in 1993 Maxcare went international with its business and based its international branch in Dubai, UAE. Along with other cosmetics, Diana of London has a huge variety of loose powders as well.

Diana 2 way wet and dry pan cake: This loose powder from Diana of London comes in 3 shades that include deep rose, golden brown as well as ginger honey. As the name suggests. the distinctive factor in this product, Diana 2 way wet and dry pan cake, is that it can be applied using either a wet sponge or a dry sponge both of which are provided with the powder in a compact packaging. If you are looking for high coverage with an intense finish look, you should go for the wet sponge and if you are looking for a more natural and subtle end result, you should use the dry sponge to apply it to your skin. It is water resistant and does not get effected by external irritants such as the rain and humidity. Staying in its place for hours, this loose powder is long-wearing and makes you’re your face has the same matte look throughout the day. Covering all your facial blemishes, imperfections and flaws, it makes sure to even out your skin tone so that all of your face gives out the same radiant natural glow. It gives a matte, soft and smooth end result to your makeup making sure your makeup products don’t oxidize or get greasy and that your whole look does not give a cakey end result. It helps the makeup stay in its place without getting effected by external irritants.

Diana absolute stay powder: From porcelain magic to rose tan, this compact powder by Diana of London comes in up to 7 different and translucent shades that include fresh coral, pure rose, nude rose, tender peach and natural almond. Like other powders, this one also works to cover all your blemishes, flaws and imperfections. It also evens out your skin tone so that all of your makeup gives a smooth, subtle and natural end result to makeup look. It glides on your skin smoothly to give a velvet touch to your application process. Being a high coverage product, Diana absolute stay powder stays in its place for long hours which makes it long-wearing and resistant to external irritants such as the sunlight or pollution. For application, use a puff to take up some powder and then dab it lightly onto your face and neck. For delicate regions of your face such as the eye contour or the corners of your mouth, repeat the application process to achieve the best results.

Diana Glam sheer loose powder: From gold sheer to pearl sheer, Diana Glam sheer loose powder comes in up to four different shades of gold and silver that include silver sheer and pink sheer. This product by Diana of London claims to be 100% oil-free, therefore it does not clog your pores, cause outbreak or give a shiny or greasy end result to your makeup look. Approved by dermatologists, this one gives a luminous and radiant glow to your face along with minimizing fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes and imperfections of your skin. For application, put some powder onto the brush and get rid of the excess product so that the extra product does not accumulate on your face to give a cakey finish. Dust the powder onto your face in downward and outward strokes to get the best results. 

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