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Rivaj UK is a renowned, locally formulated cosmetics brand that has been founded by Sheikh Javed and sons. Apart from makeup products, it also has an extensive range of self-care products. One of the unique selling points of this Pakistan-based brand is that it is affordable and economical so women from different social classes are able to make its purchase without it costing them an arm and a leg. Rivaj UK comes up with a range of loose powders along with other makeup products. 

Rivaj UK loose shimmer powder: As the name suggests, Rivaj UK loose shimmer powder 5 gives a shimmery, luminous glow to your makeup look. It immediately radiates your face along with highlighting your best features to give a defined and elegant finish to the overall makeup look. It is used to set the foundation and concealer in its place so it lasts longer without getting oxidized or showing patches. Along with fulfilling this purpose, this loose powder by Rivaj also works partly as a highlighter. This loose powder comes in multiple shades that include Rivaj UK loose shimmer powder 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 among other. 

It can also be applied alone without any makeup product such as foundation or concealer beneath it. It helps to give you a refreshed look and also makes sure that your T-zone doesn’t get oily. It covers all blemishes, imperfections and wrinkles as well smooths skin pores as well. As it is in powder form, it lets the skin breathe and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. 

Another important benefit of this is that it can be used before applying your mascara as it volumizes your lashes and due to its shimmery nature, it also gives a defined glow to them. As eyeshadow primers are in great use today in order to set your eye makeup perfectly so this loose powder can be dusted on your eye lids to make sure your eye makeup stays in its place for long periods of time. Even if you are in a hurry and does not have the time to build up your eye shadow, this shimmery loose powder would make sure to give your eyes a refined and refreshed look that does not make your eyes look dull or puffy. 

Baking is another purpose that this loose powder serves. After one has build up the complete makeup look, this loose powder can be used to bake your makeup. This includes coating your cream products with heavy amount of powder specially on the highlighted regions. Dust the excess powder away so that it does not give a cakey or greasy end result.

For application, use a brush and dip it in the powder. After this make sure to get rid of excess product by patting it on the side of the container of your loose powder. Move the brush smoothly on your face to set your makeup and achieve a glowing finish look which is long-lasting as well as luminous and breathable. 

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