Mattress Price in Pakistan - Latest Mar, 2023 Prices

Mattress prices start from Rs. 7,315 in Pakistan. Common products available in Pakistan are Dura Gold Mattress, Dura Posturepedic Mattress, Dura Luxury Mattress, and Dura Luxury Mattress.

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Mattress - Price Summary

Model Price
Dura Gold Mattress Rs. 30,500
Dura Posturepedic Mattress Rs. 37,240
Dura Luxury Mattress Rs. 18,810
Dura Luxury Mattress Rs. 9,690
Dura Silent Night Plus Mattress Rs. 36,100
Dura Luxury Mattress Rs. 20,140
Dura Ultra Luxury Firm Mattress Rs. 25,365
Moltyortho Foam Mattress Rs. 23,275
Dura Ultra Luxury Firm Mattress Rs. 27,740
Moltyfoam 2 In 1 Mattress Rs. 34,200

Everyone's choice and preferences are different when it comes to mattresses.  Some people like soft support while others like firmer support. Some people prefer a foam mattress while others prefer a spring mattress. Fortunately, there is a complete range of mattresses available in the market to cater to everyone's needs and desires. 

Following are the top mattresses brands in Pakistan:

1. Master MoltyFoam:

Master MoltyFoam is the most trusted brand of mattresses in Pakistan. Its mattresses are popular due to their reliability, durability, and quality foam. The main features of their mattresses include Fresh Guard technology, High-Pressure technology, high density, and quick recovery. Some of the best mattresses offered by Master MoltyFoam are:

  • MoltyFoam Firm mattress
  • Molty Memory Molty Foam mattress
  • Molty Deluxe Plus mattress
  • Molty Cure mattress
  • Molty CoolGel Ortho MoltyFoam mattress
  • Molty Memory Ortho Molty Foam mattress
  • Molty Sleep Molty Foam mattress

2. Dura Foam:

Dura Foam is one of the leading brands of mattresses in Pakistan. Its mattresses are popular because they are affordable and are of high quality. They offer more comfort as compared to their price. The most popular mattresses by Dura Foam are:

  • Dura Luxury Foam mattress
  • Dura Silent Night Plus mattress
  • Dura Ultra Luxury Firm mattress

3. Diamond Foam:

Diamond Foam is another popular name in mattresses available in Pakistan. It has a wide range of Foam and Spring mattresses. The main features of Diamond Foam mattresses include Diamond Health Shield that prevents bedbugs and allergies, High Recovery Foam technology, and high density. Some of the best mattresses by Diamond Foam include:

  • Supreme memory mattress
  • Supreme GelCool memory mattress
  • Diamond Supreme Godi Memory mattress
  • Diamond Supreme Cool mattress
  • Diamond Supreme Soft Foam mattress

4. Master Celeste:

This brand is another popular brand in mattresses by Master Group that offers a variety of spring mattresses. An interesting feature of its mattresses is Air Flow technology that ensures moderate temperature by avoiding heat absorption. Other features include high density and pocketed springs to provide you the ultimate comfort you want. Following are some of the mattresses offered by Master Celeste:

  • Memory Luxe mattress
  • Eterna Soft mattress
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