Master Molty Foam Mattress Price in Pakistan - Latest Jun, 2024 Prices

Master Molty Foam Mattress prices start from Rs. 16,000 in Pakistan. Common products available in Pakistan are Master Moltyfoam Mattress, Moltyfoam 2 In 1 Mattress, Moltyfoam 2 In 1 Mattress, and Molty Coolgel Ortho Foam Mattress.

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Master Molty Foam Mattress - Price Summary

Model Price
Master Moltyfoam Mattress Rs. 33,000
Moltyfoam 2 In 1 Mattress Rs. 39,000
Moltyfoam 2 In 1 Mattress Rs. 54,500
Molty Coolgel Ortho Foam Mattress Rs. 56,500
Master Moltyfoam Mattress Rs. 30,500
Moltyfoam 2 In 1 Mattress Rs. 26,000
Moltyfoam Firm Mattress Rs. 42,500
Moltyfoam 2 In 1 Mattress Rs. 59,500
Master Moltyfoam Mattress Rs. 40,000
Moltyfoam Firm Mattress Rs. 36,500

Master Molty Foam:

Master is a renowned and the most trusted brand of Pakistan in the field of the health care industry, bedding, and furniture. Founded in 1963, it has succeeded to win the trust of the Pakistani people by providing new products with the finest craftsmanship and strict quality control. Master MoltyFoam is a generic name for mattresses offered by Master. Master has a complete range of mattresses following everyone's needs that provides you with comfort and restful nights. 

Following are the mattresses offered by Master MoltyFoam:

MoltyFoam Mattress:

With High-Pressure technology, this is the only foam in Pakistan which can withstand high pressure. It is durable and long-lasting because of its steadiness. Moreover, it is super soft, has high density, and provides sturdy support. Other features include Fresh Guard technology which prevents the growth of fungi making Master foam mattress the most comfortable and reliable mattress.

MoltyFoam Firm Mattress:

Master MoltyFoam Firm mattress is specifically designed for those people who want firmer support. It provides additional firm support to your body while keeping your spine aligned during your sleep. So, enjoy the firmer surface without compromising on the comfort you want.

Molty Sleep MoltyFoam Mattress:

This mattress is designed to support all of the body parts. The Dual Comfort feature allows you to choose from a soft and a medium-firm surface whenever you want. Other features include optimal support, Fresh Guard Technology, High-Pressure technology, and more.

MoltyOrtho Memory Foam Mattress:

This Master foam mattress is designed for multipurpose as its two sides are different. One side is Orthofoam to avoid backache and the other one is memory foam that automatically shapes up to the contours of the body. Other features include High-Pressure technology, Fresh Guard technology, and firm support to provide you the comfort you want.

MoltyOrtho CoolGel MoltyFoam Mattress:

MoltyOrtho CoolGel mattress comes with features of 7 zone technology, CoolGel technology, Fresh Guard technology, High-Pressure technology, and knitted fabric. This mattress is specifically designed to provide you with a cool and comfortable experience.

MoltyCure MoltyFoam Mattress:

MoltyCure is an inclined therapy mattress offered by Master MoltyFoam. It improves the circulation of blood and metabolism. Moreover, it keeps the spine aligned. serves as a directory/search engine to locate resources on the internet. The company names, product names, product images, and service names on this page are used for identification purposes only. This does not imply any kind of endorsement or affiliation.