Diamond Foam Mattress Price in Pakistan - Latest Oct, 2020 Prices

Latest Diamond prices start from Rs. 5,000. Common models available in Pakistan are Diamond Supreme Foam Mattress - 72x60x6, Diamond Supreme Foam Mattress - 78x60x6, Diamond Supreme Foam Mattress - 78x72x6 and Diamond Supreme Foam Mattress - 78x42x6.

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Diamond Foam Mattress Price in Pakistan - Latest Prices

Model Price
Diamond Supreme Foam Mattress - 72x60x6 Rs. 14,400
Diamond Supreme Foam Mattress - 78x60x6 Rs. 16,500
Diamond Supreme Foam Mattress - 78x72x6 Rs. 20,840
Diamond Supreme Foam Mattress - 78x42x6 Rs. 10,500
Diamond Supreme Foam Mattress - 78x42x8 Rs. 14,700
Diamond Supreme Foam Mattress - 72x60x8 Rs. 18,600
Diamond Supreme Foam Mattress - 78x66x8 Rs. 20,700
Diamond Supreme Foam Mattress - 78x72x8 Rs. 35,200
Diamond Foam Folding Mattress Rs. 5,000
Diamond Foam Folding Mattress Rs. 5,700

Diamond Foam is one of the leading brands in the bedding, furniture, and health care industry of Pakistan. Founded in 1974,  it is devoted to providing the best mattresses with the finest materials of nature. 

Diamond Foam offers a wide range of mattresses that are durable and reliable as well. All of these mattresses are available in different sizes and thickness options.

Following are the mattresses offered by Diamond Foam:

Diamond Supreme Foam Mattress:

It is the best-selling Diamond foam in Pakistan. It features high recovery foam technology that provides comfort and support for everyone. Moreover, Diamond Health Shield prevents bedbugs, allergy, and asthma.

Diamond Supreme Cool Mattress:

Supreme Cool mattress from Diamond Foam is a pure Gel-infused mattress. It features HR High Recovery, 10 comfort zones, Diamond Health Shield, and a 12-year warranty to provide you comfort and support. Another interesting feature of this mattress is that it regulates your body temperature for uninterrupted sleep.

Diamond Supreme Soft Foam Mattress:

This mattress is specifically designed for those people who want soft support. It is high-density foam with knitted fabric that features 10 comfort zones and Diamond Health Shield to provide you the comfort you want.

Diamond Supreme Godi Memory Foam Mattress:

Supreme Godi memory mattress is designed for young children who are learning to sleep on their own. It is also ideal for shared sleepers as it has reduced tossing. The memory foam layer delivers added comfort for children. It features an advanced circulatory system and is available in two colors for different genders.

Diamond Supreme GelCool Memory Foam mattress:

Equipped with Gel Infused Memory, body temperature regulator, Dact Dual Air Circulation technology, Advanced circulatory system, and Diamond Health Shield, this mattress provides you supreme comfort in both summer and winter seasons. It has a dual-sided feature, one side is designed for summer for a cool sleep and the other one for winter. Hence you will enjoy an uninterrupted sleep every time.

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