Jasco Generators Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Jasco Generators in Pakistan is Rs. 15,500, and estimated average price is Rs. 23,083. Get the latest price for Jasco Jasco, Jasco 2.5, Jasco 1.2, Jasco 1, Jasco 2.2, Jasco 3.5, Jasco 1.5, Jasco 2.0, Jasco J-2600, and other products. The prices are collected from the best online stores in Pakistan like W11Stop.com, Shopperspk.com, Homeshopping.pk - updated Mar 2019.

In Pakistan, electricity is one of the main problems. Due to issues, a constant supply of electricity is not possible in all parts of the country and for this, what you need are Jasco generators. There are areas which are victim to power outage for hours on end. But with problems, comes solution such as Jasco generators. Jehangir and company or JASCO is a company that manufactures high end machinery such as Solar systems, Engine pumps and Jasco generators. These Jasco generators guarantee is a smooth substitute to keep the power running in your household with the use of fuels such as gas and petrol. These Jasco generators can run multiple appliances, tube lights, fans, TVs and many more on the basis on the type of generator you are willing to invest in. The company manufactures their generators with an array of different specs. Their Jasco generators have both petrol and gas options, so that you may use the resource most suited to you in order to keep them running. The gas option that comes with Jasco generators is more economical. There is a wide variety of Jasco generators in Pakistan which include self-start automatic generators that have a power capacity ranging from as low as 1 KVA to 2.7 KVA and with capacities of up to 15 liters. Jasco generators are an ideal solution for your load-shedding issues. In Pakistan, you can find the Jasco J generators, Jasco FG generators, and Jasco TD generators that come with different power options and capacities.

Jasco J-4500 Generator Rs. 53,500
Jasco FG-2900 Generator Rs. 43,000
Jasco FG-8800 Generator Rs. 168,000
Jasco FG-3900 Generator Rs. 49,500
Jasco FG-2500 Generator Rs. 38,500
Jasco FG-7600 Generator Rs. 106,000
Jasco FG-3200 Generator Rs. 45,500
Jasco FG-7000 Generator Rs. 93,500
Jasco J1000 720W Generator Rs. 15,500
Jasco FG-2200 Self Generator Rs. 28,000
Jasco 5.5 KW Generator J6500 Rs. 79,987
Jasco J3800 3.1kva Generator Rs. 71,500
Jasco J-12000 10kVA Generator Rs. 276,000
Jasco DB-6500 5.5kVA Generator Rs. 103,000
Jasco db-8000 6.5kVA Generator Rs. 117,000
Jasco J-2600 2.2 KVA Generator Rs. 44,500

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