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Top 5 Inverter ACs You Can Find in Pakistan

Summer time is here and the need for air conditioners is on a rise. However, when choosing the right air conditioner, the cooling capacity is not the only thing that we need to look out for. The running cost (or efficiency in formal terms) of the air conditioners is a very important factor to consider as well. With temperatures rising to new highs this year, the challenge is to find air conditioners that can help you stay cool and calm without taking a toll on your electricity bills. This is where ACs with inverter technology come into play. These ACs provide excellent cooling while making sure that your electricity bills do not skyrocket. In this blog post, we have listed down the top 5 Inverter ACs in Pakistan to help you choose the right one for your home or office.

  1. GREE Eco Inverter AC:

GREE is renowned for its highly efficient and cost-effective inverter ACs. Amongst the entire range of GREE air conditioners, the series that stands out is the GREE Eco Inverter series which features air conditioners starting from a price of Rs. 51,900 Check Prices on online

Though there is some variation in the specifications, GREE Eco Inverter ACs are generally wall mounted air conditioners which come in 1.0-ton and 1.5-ton capacities. These ACs feature the dual inverter compressor which ensures excellent cooling without taking a toll on your electricity bills. Additionally, features such as auto-restart, noiseless operation, turbo cooling, and wide frequency control can be found in the high-end models of the GREE Eco Inverter AC series.

  1. PEL Invert-O-Cool AC:

PEL is one of the oldest manufacturers of air conditioners in Pakistan. The company prides itself on delivering excellent quality in home electronics and PEL ACs are amongst the most widely used ACs in the country. The PEL Invert-O-Cool AC series features a line of inverter ACs starting from a price of just Rs. 46,109 Check Prices on online. You can find PEL Invert-O-Cool ACs with a capacity of 1.0-ton or 1.5-ton with features such as air purification and powerful compressors.

The highlight of this inverter AC series by PEL is that these not only save up on electricity bills but they provide excellent cooling as well. You can keep your home and office cool and comfy during the hot summers with a PEL Invert-O-Cool AC.

  1. Kenwood e-Inverter AC:

Kenwood is known for its high-quality of home and kitchen appliances, which in particular include its wide range of air conditioners. Kenwood ACs have gained popularity particularly because of their highly efficient and powerful e-Inverter AC series. The Kenwood e-Inverter AC series starts from a price of  Rs. 55,440 and feature Kenwood’s own DC inverter technology.

The features that stand out in the Kenwood e-Inverter ACs are turbo operation, long distance air throw, and super-quick cooling. In terms of energy efficiency, we would rate the Kenwood e-Inverter ACs second only to GREE Eco Inverter ACs. All in all, Kenwood e-Inverter ACs are a one-time investment that can help you keep the scorching heat of the summers away without too much of a burden on your wallet.

  1. Samsung Digital Inverter AC:

Samsung is a world leader in consumer electronics and home appliances. In home appliances, Samsung TVs, fridges, microwaves, and air conditioners stand out for their superb features and immense quality. Samsung Digital Inverter ACs are a range of air conditioners by Samsung that feature its digital inverter technology for efficient and powerful cooling. However, the trade-off is that these products are generally more expensive than products from other manufacturers with prices starting from Rs. 111,999 but an average price of Rs. 114,999.

You can find Samsung Digital Inverter ACs with a capacity of 1.0-ton, 1.5-ton, or 2.0-ton with features such Dehumidification, Auto-Clean, Allergy Care, Fast Cool, Comfort Cool, and Anti-Bacteria technology. Though most of these features are available in high-end Samsung Digital Inverter ACs, the powerful cooling, cost-cutting technology, and a wide range of features make these ACs worth the investment.

  1. Haier Inverter AC:

Haier is perhaps most well-known for delivering the best value for money because their products are priced adequately according to the local market. Haier Inverter ACs are our recommendation for budget inverter ACs in Pakistan with prices starting from just Haier Inverter Ac. You can find Haier ACs with DC inverters in capacities of 1.0-ton, 1.5-ton, 2.0-ton and with a wall-mounted design or a floor-standing design.

Other than the price, the cooling capabilities of Haier Inverter ACs stand out. This is because these Haier ACs are capable of providing adequate cooling even when outside temperatures reach as high as 50 oC. The notable features of the Haier Inverter AC series include long-distance air throw and wide voltage frequencies which protect the compression from damage that can be caused by voltage fluctuation.

If you are looking forward to a new air conditioner this summer, then there is a massive variety that you can choose from. The goal should be to choose an inverter AC that not only provides effective cooling but is light on the pocket as well. Our list of top inverter ACs include the most popular inverter AC series by GREE, PEL, Kenwood, Samsung, and Haier. is a one-of-a-kind product search engine that features products from a wide range of online stores in Pakistan. You can check out the latest prices, deals, and availability of your favourite products on the search engine.

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Written by Saad Mughal

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