You can now train to become a freelancer for free with the Pakistani Government

Learn to earn money from home through the governments newest initiative ‘DigiSkills’

Ignite and the Pakistani government has just launched the DigiSkills initiative for the public which aims to train 1 million Pakistanis to become a freelancer.

The program will consist online courses that people can enroll for absolutely no costs and train to become a freelancer so that they can start earning money from home.

Every individual who signs up with DigiSkills will be required to pick two courses each. The first course which is ‘Freelancing’ will be mandatory while the second course can be picked from the following;

  • Digital Marketing
  • E-Commerce Management
  • QuickBooks
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • AutoCAD
  • Graphics Design
  • Creative Writing
  • WordPress

Registering with DigiSkills

If you are interested in becoming a freelancer and kickstart your journey to earn money from home, you can enroll yourself in the courses that are currently available through this link.

The mandatory ‘Freelancing’ course will immediately help you start learning about the important dynamics that surround freelancing in Pakistan. You’ll learn the dos and don’ts of freelancing through the course.

After the course, you will be given an opportunity to polish one of the 8 skills mentioned above. No matter who you are, if you are interested, all of these skills can be learned within a few months of time.

Afterward, you will also be given the list of appropriate platforms where you can start offering your services. The course also includes tips and tricks to convince clients to work with you.

All of the courses will also require you to go through tests, quizzes, and evaluations to make sure that you are correctly following the guidelines provided within the course. Once you complete the course, you will be able to become a professional freelancer.

All of the courses offered at DigiSkills are free and are created by seasoned Freelancers of Pakistan who have been working in the industry for the past 15 years or more.

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Written by Ali

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